Momtastic Exclusive: Three SLT-Inspired Moves For Heart Elevation

Yesterday we highlighted three SLT-inspired moves that you could do anywhere anytime you have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout. Today, we’re taking it up a notch. SLT instructor Kristen Fennessy is showcasing her three favorite SLT-inspired moves for heart elevation, so you can work on building your cardio strength while you burn calories and melt fat.

For our shoot, Kristen wore a set from Michi, which truly takes the fashion in atheleisure to the next level. Both the Flash Longline Bra and Flash Legging are not only stunning from all angles, but as supportive as they are aesthetically pleasing.

To complement this outfit (or any outfit…), there are no better sneakers than APL… in my humble opinion. And out of all their styles, the TechLoom Wave is my favorite (even though their latest launch is pretty stellar, too. And don’t forget their kids line!). I’ve worn this APL style sneaker for everything from high intensity bootcamps to long runs to long impact workout classes and they’ve always felt amazing. While it can be fun to go bold with bright shades or neon, the TechLoom Wave in White is a versatile classic that will work year-round for any workout.

So, now let’s dive into the moves! Here are three SLT-inspired moves you can do anytime you have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout to get your heart rate up.

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