Mom Tattoos: Super Cool Ways to Get Your Kid’s Name in Ink

My son is 6-years-old, but I still fold him into a cradled position in my lap so I can rock him and smother him with kisses. Me, remembering his tiny body and sweet smell when he naturally rested in my arms this way as a baby; him, giggling hysterically, insisting he’s not a baby. I try to do the same thing with my 2-year-old daughter, but she just squirms away. Her independence is still too new to give it up on anything less than her own terms.

Yes, I am that mom. That mom who will still call her kids her babies when they’re 40. That mom who will always have a little trouble accepting that they’re no longer babies. That mom who wants to hold on for as long as possible.

So, when I decided to get a tattoo last summer, there was no question that it would be something to symbolize my kids. A mom tattoo. I consulted with a tattoo artist in Brooklyn, where I live, and he designed an infinity symbol that incorporated their names (it’s included in this gallery), on my inner left wrist. I love it. It’s a conversation piece, yes; on my son’s first day of first grade, a mom stopped me to chat about my new tattoo. But it’s more than just something to talk about; it’s a symbol of the bond I have with my children.

While researching ideas for my own tattoo, I discovered so many inspiring ideas out there for mom tattoos: Footprint tattoos. Heartbeat tattoos. Baby name tattoos. So if you’re thinking about getting your kid’s name in ink, check out some of these incredibly cool ideas for inspiration.

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