25 Kid-Friendly Hotels with Insanely Wacky Amenities

Our yearly summer trip always involves the kids. While we definitely look for a destination where we can sneak away as adults and have a good time, the reality is that if the kids aren’t having a good time, no one is having a good time. Lucky for us, there are plenty of kid friendly hotels that have upped their game in the gimmicks department.

These twenty-five amazing hotels and resorts have been there and done that when it comes to pleasing families, and their innovative youth-centric features help ensure repeats and three-peats when family travel plans next need to be made. I’m blow away by  the cool features each of these hotels have that are specifically designed to entertain kids for hours. And if the kids are entertained for hours, you know what that means: It’s wine time.

Check out the coolest hotels for kids in the slideshow.

all images courtesy of their respective hotel websites

More Tips for Traveling with Kids:

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