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Some of the Best Tips To Keep Kids Engaged on Long Flights

Kids love traveling, especially by flight. Looking at the changing shapes of clouds and the colors of the sky fascinates them for a couple of hours. However, what about after they are done with the clouds and sun or moon? After a few hours, their smiles fade away, and your once-happy child starts throwing tantrums on the plane. Moreover, the situation escalates if you are on a long flight and your little one gets restless with every passing minute. You can’t really blame them. Even adults get bored on long flights, so it’s natural for kids to feel the same. However, with simple planning and some preparation, you can easily keep your children engaged on long flights, making it a joyful journey for your family.

1. Bring books for long flights

Carry some (or one of each category) of the books your kids love, whether they’re coloring books, storybooks, sketchbooks, activity books, or any book of their choice. This is one of the best tips for keeping your children engaged for long hours on the flight. Pack their favorite crayons in a box for them to pick and color easily to make their flight experience more joyful. While watercolors may not be a good option, you can keep colored pencils or sketch pens handy for their creative time.

You can also read their favorite stories or stories related to traveling so your little ones can relate to the characters. Activity books are great for teaching kids while on the go and keeping them occupied. Furthermore, you can ask your children to sketch the objects they see on the plane or outside.

2. Magnetic games are the key

Rather than carrying the big magnetic board games, carry the miniature version of it so that they can easily slide into your cabin luggage. Magnetic board games like chess, tic tac toe, checkers, etc., are great ideas to keep your kids occupied on the flight, as the game pieces will stick to the board.

Moreover, you can join the game and play with your children, creating fun memories. Alternatively, you can keep card games like UNO, Skip-Bo, and more to keep your little ones busy during long flights.

3. You might have to resort to phone games sometimes

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If you are carrying an iPad, smartphone, or tablet, install some age-appropriate games for your kids. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your children engaged during long flights. You can even download educational shows or movies for your little ones’ entertainment. Ensure to carry headphones so the show does not disturb fellow passengers.

However, it is crucial to limit your kids’ screen time. Hence, give them the device when they are no longer interested in coloring or other activities and take them away after some time to avoid straining their eyes. Alternatively, you can check with the airlines to see if they have any in-flight entertainment facilities for children to keep them engaged during long flights.

4. Educate them on the go

Little ones are curious by nature. So, take advantage of this and educate them about what they see and hear, keeping your kids engaged during long flights. Ask them questions like, “What do you think that switch above your seat is for?” Then, show them what happens when you press them.

If possible, ask the flight crew if your kid can have a sneak peek into the cockpit or meet the pilot. Tell them the role of flight attendants or show them the cities the plane is crossing to reach your destination on the map. There are plenty of ways to educate your child on a long flight. Your kiddos might not always be in the mood to learn, but seize the opportunity whenever you can.

So, mommies, take note of these points to keep your kids engaged in long flights and to have an enjoyable journey with your little one.

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