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Signs That You Are Overparenting Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their kids. As a result, they are constantly watching their actions and going above and beyond to ensure their kids are comfortable. We understand that this might stem from the desire to ensure the safety and happiness of your little one. However, overparenting can have detrimental effects on kids when they grow up, as they are dependent on you for everything, and any minor challenge can upset them. So, to make your children independent in the future, you need to stop overparenting. Here are some signs to tell you whether you are overparenting your munchkin.

1. Micromanaging

If you monitor every activity of your child and guide them throughout, it looks like you are overparenting. Taking their clothes out for school, setting up their backpacks, picking up their plate, doing their hair, and even doing their homework will do no good. In a way, you are taking away the chance for your kids to explore and make decisions, which will hamper them as adults.

2. Being overprotective

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Being overprotective of your child is yet another sign of overparenting. Not allowing them to play outside, thinking they might get hurt, not letting them resolve their fights with their friends, etc., will only hamper their overall development. While it’s important to keep them safe, it’s equally essential for your child to develop problem-solving skills and coping strategies, which are necessary life skills. So, mommies, let your little ones take appropriate risks and intervene only when needed.

3. Not letting them fail

We understand you might want your child to excel in everything, be it studies, sports, or activities. However, not letting your child fail is the biggest mistake you might be making as a parent. This way, your child will never be able to learn from their mistakes and work on them to achieve better results. Plus, kids who get habituated to success don’t take failure well, causing emotional and mental stress later in life. Learning from failure is an integral part of life, and it helps develop perseverance and resilience.

4. Have high expectations

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Always have age-appropriate expectations from your kids. Sometimes, expectations can lead to low self-esteem. So, for the betterment of your child, set realistic goals and expectations for your kids. For example, expecting a three-year-old to do their laundry or sit for two hours to learn the alphabet is a sign of overparenting.

5. Not letting your kids pursue their hobbies

Let your kids explore their hobbies and interests without any judgment or pressure. You may not like their hobby but don’t overparent and stop your child from pursuing their passion. It might be a form of self-expression for your kid. So, unless it is harmful or dangerous, don’t intervene and let them pursue their hobbies.

Apart from these, please do not overindulge your child and give them everything they demand. So, parents, if you see any of these signs, chances are you are overparenting your little one and preventing them from experiencing the joy of childhood. Thus, try to strike a balance between providing support and guidance and allowing your kid to grow and learn on their own.

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