15 Super Cool Ways To Announce That You’re Adopting A Child

Before we got married, my husband and I went to premarital counseling sessions. At the time, my young, dumb self just swore that the entire six-week process would be a waste of time. We’d been dating for years! But, there actually were things about my soon-to-be husband that I didn’t know. And, I really did get a lot out of those meetings. One thing I discovered was that my husband and I were both very open to the idea of adopting a child. We both agreed we’d like two bio kids and to adopt a third. We were very idealistic and specific in those days.

Anyway, now as my older kid enters third grade, and my younger one enters kindergarten, the idea of adopting a 6- or 7-year-old is on my mind more and more. I don’t know if we will go that route in the near future, but if we do, I know we’ll be excited to announce our new journey in a fun way. I like to be prepared, so I’ve rounded up 15 ways to announce your adoption in case you’re looking forward to the same decision.

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