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Essential Things To Carry for Hotel Stay With Kids

The hotel stays that you enjoy can get quite boring for kids. With limited space and activity choices available, children can get cranky quickly. Parents must carry some essentials to make hotel stays fun and stress-free for kids. With their favorite items within reach, the children will feel comfortable in the hotel, making things easier for you as well.

1. Extra clothes

No matter your child’s age, always carry an extra pair of clothes for your little ones, especially bottoms. For instance, their clothes might get soiled while playing in the hotel lobby while the family waits to be checked in, so you might have to change them. That is why it is better to be prepared than be underprepared for messy situations.

Moreover, kids’ clothes don’t take up too much space, so packing a few extra garments should not be an issue. In addition, you can call the hotel helpdesk or check their website to inquire whether they provide laundry service, depending on which you can decide on how many sets you need to bring for your kiddo.

2. Swimsuits

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Once the booking is made, check the facilities at your hotel. If your hotel has a swimming pool, it’s best to pack swimsuits for your kids because they will surely want to jump in for some fun. So, it is better to pack a swimsuit for your children than to buy some at the hotel.

3. Medicines

Always carry your kid’s medications for special illnesses (making sure to carry some extra). Along with those, take medicines for fever, cold, and cough, as due to weather changes, kids might fall sick on holidays.

Hence, carry the essential medications for safety to avoid running to the doctor in a new location. Also, carrying their health reports or prescriptions will save you precious time spent on unnecessary tests at the new location, if needed, in an emergency.

4. Activities

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It is next to impossible to make kids stay in a room for hours. They need to be occupied with activities. So, get some of their favorite activity books, toys, puzzles, etc., that can easily fit in their suitcases. You can also ask your kids to list items and/or toys they want to take to the hotel.

Additionally, you can buy new toys for your kids to play with when they are bored with their old ones. If they have soft toys they sleep with regularly, don’t forget to bring them along for a good night’s rest for you and your munchkin. You don’t want to spend hours cradling your kids to sleep when you are on vacation.

5. Snacks

Always carry healthy snacks while staying at hotels with your kids to keep them well-fed and avoid any possible meltdowns. Snacks, fruits, mini meals, extra beverages — have it all ready to go. Kids usually get hungry between meals, and ordering room service or buying from the hotel vending machine can be costly. Thus, pack some nonperishable or homemade items that can either be refrigerated (in case your room has a mini fridge) or don’t go bad at room temperature.

6. Hygiene items

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Ensure that you carry hygiene essentials for your kids to avoid last-minute runs to the market. Diapers, shampoo, toiletries, etc., are some of the essentials that are a must. If possible, carry foldable bedding, especially if you have one bed and 2-3 kids. This will make sleeping arrangements convenient for everybody.

Also, before booking the hotel, check its location and mark out areas such as kids’ parks, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. This will make navigating the new location convenient for you and your brood.

So, mommies, make a bulleted list of all the essentials for a comfortable hotel stay with your kids. If we missed any essential items, mention them in the comment section below for fellow moms planning to travel with their kiddos.

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