14 Reasons My Back Hurts Today

If there’s one thing we parents say more than anything it’s, “WOW my back hurts today.” No matter how spritely we were before building a family, having small humans that need or want carrying and the fact that we are getting older every single day takes its toll on the long, rickety vertebrae puzzle behind […]


12 DIY Back-to-School Locker Decorating Ideas

One of the coolest perks of entering middle school or high school is getting your own school locker. Not only is it your own secure space to store school supplies, but it’s your own private space to decorate exactly the way you want to. And this goes beyond simple stickers and plain magnets. From stylish […]


Indulge Your Spring Fever With These Workout Clothes

It’s been a bit of a tease weather-wise here on the East coast lately.  We had about a week of nice spring weather (including one 70 degree day!) that was just enough to make me and my family realize how much we missed the great outdoors.