5 Ways I Sneak In Exercise Without Going to the Gym

I love to exercise and don’t see it as a chore or something I have to check off my to-do list. But let’s get real! I’m a working single mom, so even though I have access to a gym, pool, and outdoor mile-long walking loop, sometimes I don’t get a 40-minute workout in. I got tired of feeling crappy about missing my time to move and sweat, so instead of wallowing, I started doing these easy, fun at-home workouts. Try ’em out yourself … get the kiddos involved too!

 1. Have a dance party. At the end of a long day, I feel pretty guilty if I didn’t get my butt on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes of cardio. To get myself moving, I turn on some Pop music and have an impromptu dance party with my son, Jack, 7. Not only is this a break-a-sweat workout, but it’s fun and a great way to spend quality time with my kiddo. Dancing with Jack gets him moving, too. It feels great that I’m instilling a get-up-and-move lifestyle in Jack, too.


2. Take the stairs. If you work in a building that has stairs, skip the elevator and climb up and down whenever you need to access other floors. We live in a 5-story condominium complex. I make a point to always take the stairs. On work-from-home days, I like to run up-and-down the stairs a few times during the day, even when I’m not going anywhere. It gets my heart pumping and me away from the computer screen. 

3. Do some ballet moves. I love ballet! Love to watch it on stage or screen and also practiced when I was a child and in college. When I’m in the kitchen getting dinner ready, I like to steady my hands on the counter and do sets of plies in various positions. This type of exercising is great for toning up the butt and strengthening the leg muscles. Getting a few sets in while I’m chopping veggies for a salad or manning a pot of Sunday sauce that needs to be stirred is easy and fun! 

4. Exercise the lazy way. Face it, at the end of the day, you collapse into bed tired and ready to veg out to some good ole reality TV. It’s cool to admit this moms, because this is me, every evening. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. During commercial breaks, for one hour, of TV-viewing, I get out of bed and move. Maybe I do jumping jacks, or crunches, or break out my free weights to work on my arms. Whatever the case, I’m getting a little cardio and strength-training in, even after the longest day. And I feel good when I fall asleep, knowing I exercised. Try it! 

5. Have sex. Yes, ladies have sex. Think about it, do you ever break a sweat doing the deed? Be honest. A fun position to try that works your legs and butt is “the squat.” The best way for me to describe it is: You’re on top. Your feet are flat on the bed or floor (so you’re not on your knees riding him in the traditional top sex way. Bounce your legs up and down, feet still flat and steady. To work your lower legs, pop up on your feet a little and work it. You’ll feel the burn in your legs and you’ll really feel it the morning after. Your guy, thanks you, too!

Share your exercise tips in the comments! xoxo

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