Little girl hitting pinata at birthday party in backyard. Lots of colorful ballons in the background with family and guests. Some kids are sitting on the trampoline watching with interest.
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15 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

With your kid’s birthday coming up, you must be planning on how to throw a fun birthday party for your little one. You can easily book a venue, but hosting a party there will cost a fortune. So, why not turn your backyard into a birthday venue? Moreover, kids can go crazy outdoors and have fun running around and playing games with their friends. Here are 15 awesome outdoor birthday party ideas that are fun and easy to set up.

1. Movie under the stars

Host the party in the evening and let the starry night sky and movie screen light your kid’s way to happy memories. Keep the food simple with burgers, fries, hot dogs, fruits cut into fun shapes, and cupcakes.

2. Easel extravaganza

Make the outdoor birthday party creative for the kids by placing canvas, paint, and aprons for them to flaunt their artistic side. Let the kids have fun with colors and take their masterpiece home as a party favor. However, don’t forget to inform the parents about the painting party so they can send their child with an extra pair of clothes to change later (because their previous pair will surely get smeared with paint).

3. Star Wars soiree

Turn your outdoor playhouse into Yoda’s Swamp for a galactic getaway at your kid’s next birthday bash.

4. Twister time

Family playing twister game together
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Instead of a Twister mat, use a DIY stencil to spray rows of circles with yard paint for your giant Twister game. Cleaning it up is as easy as mowing the lawn. Alternatively, a good wash with the water hose or sprinkler will do the trick.

5. Ninja Warrior games

For this outdoor birthday party idea, create an inexpensive obstacle course with hula hoops, big cardboard boxes, etc. Challenge the birthday party guests to run, jump, and play till they drop. Make sure the obstacle course is age-appropriate and safe to play with. Do a test run several times to ensure it’s safe for kids. You can even add a sack race for more fun.

6. Giant bubble blast

Young boy blows large soap bubble
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Amaze your party guests as they stand inside a bubble that’s bigger than they are. Fill buckets with bubbles, bubble gum, and bubble baths as party favors.

7. Bananagrams

Use cardboard tiles to spell P-A-R-T-Y with a giant Bananagrams game. It is highly engaging, and guests will get a mental challenge. You don’t have to buy the tiles. You can simply DIY one by writing the letters on big cardboard pieces and cutting them into squares to make it a budget-friendly birthday game.

8. Angry Birds birthday

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If your child loves Angry Birds, plan an outdoor birthday party game with this theme. You will need a big slingshot, a bunch of balloons, and some painted kickballs to make this creative game your kid’s favorite.

9. Race cars

A pool noodle and little cars are the only things needed to create a backyard raceway for your little partygoers. Watch as the littles stay engaged, living their race car driver dreams.

10. Backyard miniature golf

Siblings playing miniature golf with family in backyard
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Little ones can hit the links with a 9-hole mini golf course in your backyard. You can make one yourself or get the setup from a toy store to save time.

11. Water balloon baseball

Kids will stay extra cool during their summer soirée when you swap baseballs for water balloons.

Fun Tip: Write party details on the baseballs and deliver them as your kid’s outdoor birthday party invitation to their friends.

12. Water gun race

Group of young kids having water fight with squirt guns in backyard of home
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This fun outdoor birthday party activity will keep the kids running. Water guns, plastic cups, and strings are all you need for this outdoor-only race.

13. Scavenger hunt

Kids can go on an epic backyard search for party favors and other goodies after you hand over clues for a scavenger hunt.

14. Powwow party

Three young girls in garden hiding under blanket in a teepee
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A powwow party brings the fun outside and makes it easy to keep the kids cool in the shade. Hang out in a teepee, sing campfire songs, and let the kids create some crafts for a fun celebration.

15. Water balloon piñatas

If you are hosting an outdoor birthday party during summer, your guests will love these piñatas that rain down cool water on an uber-hot day.

Which outdoor party idea will you pick for your kid’s birthday? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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