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Fun DIY Crafts With Hot Glue Gun

If you are looking for easy and fun DIY crafts to do with your kids or want something creative to do in your spare time, then it’s time to grab that hot glue gun. These handy tools are perfect for sturdy crafts you and your kids can use daily.

However, hot glue guns can be risky if not used carefully or without following proper instructions. So, make sure you and your kiddos wear gloves or finger sleeves while working with the hot glue gun to avoid any burns.

Also, make sure to restrict hot glue gun usage to adults only. You don’t want your little ones burning their fingers. We recommend personally handling the hot glue gun until your munchkins turn ten years old.

There are several kinds of glue guns, so research and use the ones that meet your requirements. For precaution, don’t forget to use a silicon mat to place the gun so that the hot drip won’t affect your work surface.

1. Canvas art

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This is one of the easiest crafts for you and your kids. You can make some canvas art together for their room. Draw meaningful quotes or pictures with the hot glue gun, let it dry, and color it with their favorite colors. You can also use spray paint to make the process even quicker.

Plus, why limit it to canvas? You can experiment with wood, glass, fabrics, and other materials to make cute wall decor for you or your little one’s room. This will be a great DIY craft project for you and your kids for the weekends or the holidays.

2. Candy dot earrings

If your little ones love to accessorize their outfit or want to gift customized jewelry, then help them make these easy candy dot earrings. Put a dot with the hot glue gun on the stud earring base, and you are halfway done. Now, simply color the dot with a Sharpie or paint, and your new jewelry piece is ready to be worn.

Don’t limit your creativity to stud earrings only. Make some cute bold earrings with jump rings attached, pendants, rings (with molds), hair clips (or bobby pins), etc. Flaunt your creativity and try to replicate those designer earrings you have been eyeing. Even if it doesn’t turn out great, you have a fun DIY fashion project to engage yourself. The options are limitless!

3. Stencils 

If you want to add life to your boring t-shirt, dress, or bag, make a stencil with the hot glue gun and give your old items a makeover. Place the stencil on the item, color the fabric (using fabric color), and give your items a makeover.

You can get great stencil ideas online or use your creativity to make some to add a personal touch. You can even use the same technique on your diaries and folders to add glam quotient.

4. Rope coil basket

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Mamas, if you are looking for inexpensive ways to organize your or your kid’s room, don’t be afraid of using the hot glue gun. This tool is your best friend. For this DIY craft, use a bucket as a template to glue the ropes together. In no time, you will have a fantastic no-sew, fuss-free, and affordable rope coil basket to use.

Your kids can make cute pencil stands with the same method for their study table. However, do make sure to apply the hot glue for your littles to avoid any accidents.

Besides these DIY crafts, you can use hot glue guns to make grip slippers, cake toppers, window snowflakes, and more. Just let your imagination flow. So, which of these projects will you try with your kids? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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