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Easy DIY Marshmallow Igloo for Kids

Does your kiddo love igloos? If so, they will love to try out this DIY marshmallow igloo on their holiday break or weekends to keep themselves busy (and happy, thanks to the yummy marshmallows).

Why restrict this fun activity to only the little ones? Invite your older kids, your partner, and even your parents (or in-laws) to join in! Make the DIY project a family activity and build a small igloo town from scratch.

Moreover, the materials to make this kid-friendly DIY Marshmallow igloo are easily available at home. So you don’t have an excuse not to join your munchkins to make this sweet architectural marvel.

Top Tip: Although hot glue is recommended to secure the marshmallows, you can certainly use icing if you want to make this into an edible project. Alternatively, if you don’t want so many marshmallows to go to waste, you can easily replace them with paper replicas.

Just tear some waste paper into small pieces, roll them up into tiny balls, and color them white or any color your kids prefer, and you have your marshmallow replica ready. This is yet another fun project to keep your kids busy for long. Here’s how to make your marshmallow igloos at home.


  • Foam plates
  • Foam bowls
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Toilet paper roll


  1. Cut around the foam bowl so there is no flat edge.
  2. Cut a toilet paper roll into 2-3 inch pieces with the X-ACTO knife. Slice each of those pieces in half to get mini arches.
  3. Trace the shape of the dome against the foam bowl, and cut it out.
  4. Slide the board arch into the bowl, and stick it with hot glue to make it an entry door to the igloo.
  5. Stick the igloo on a foam plate with hot glue to give it height and structure.
  6. Now comes the fun part – the marshmallows! Begin by covering the entrance to the igloo with glue and marshmallows in a horizontal pattern, and then stack the layers. Make sure the marshmallows go on the foam bowl and not in your kid’s mouth to avoid a sugar rush later!
  7. Use the popsicle stick to add glue along the bowl’s bottom edge.
  8. Stick marshmallows on it one by one until the entire bottom layer has a row of marshmallows.
  9. Continue to add marshmallows layer by layer until the entire bowl is covered.
  10. Cut out cute images of arctic clipart and eskimo illustrations, glue them to sticks, and set them on their DIY igloo plates to further fine-tune your project. Voila, your DIY marshmallow igloo is ready!

Doesn’t this DIY sound fun? To make it even more interesting, you can set the timer to see which of your kids completes the project first. They can also compete on who decorates their igloo better. However, make sure to appreciate all of your kids equally and pick aspects that you like from all their works of art.

Alternatively, you can turn this into competition between grandparents and little ones. The winner gets to decide on the next DIY project! So, wait no more, gather the materials required, try out this DIY marshmallow igloo, and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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