The 15 Best Foundations to Hide Wrinkles and Pores

I know we’re supposed to age gracefully…but psh, whatever. I’m doing my best to be at peace with gravity, but occasionally I take a glimpse into the mirror and think, “um…maybe you at least TRY to do something about your aging skin.” So I researched. And tested. And researched some more to find the best foundations to hide wrinkles and pores on the market. I was looking for:

• foundation that didn’t settle into creases and pores throughout the day 

• foundation with a moisture boost (aging skin is dry skin)

• foundation with SPF 15 or higher

• foundation with anti-aging ingredients

• foundation that achieved that “fresh faced” look – something for daytime/daily wear. Heavy foundations will actually accentuate fine lines/wrinkles

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Ingredients you should be looking for when shopping for an anti-aging foundation:

+ Niacinamide: this is a vitamin B3 derivative that protects your skin against pollution and irritants. It has hydrating properties and corrects skin tone.

+ Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan): this is a natural substance found in healthy skin. Moisture-attracting and holding properties plump up wrinkles and aid in tissue repair

+ Sun protection factor (SPF): octyl salicylate and physical sunblocks like zinc oxide protect skin from the aging effects of the sun.

Not all products will contain ALL these ingredients, but knowing about and being on the lookout for them certainly helps.

The foundations in the slideshow hit most all the points above. If you’re age 30+, these are must-try foundations!

What about you? What foundation do you swear by, and why?

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