These Grocery Store Beauty Buys Are So Necessary

I’m not a huge fan of shopping, in general. If I’m out, I try to make as few stops as possible. While the grocery store is always a must, the drug store and mall always make the dead bottom of the list. Because I have two small kids, I pretty much live at the grocery store, specifically in the frozen food aisle. Seriously, I should pitch a tent by the chicken nuggets and call it a day. But once in a while, in between all the Cheerios and baby wipes, I get to buy stuff for me! I especially love filling my beauty regimen with whole ingredients and foods. Between healthier, more radiant skin, and being able to banish my sunspots naturally, if I have these items on hand, I rarely need to make an extra trip to the drugstore.

In that spirit, here’s a shopping list of grocery store beauty buys I love.


1. Avocados: This one might not surprise you, but I have to mention it. You simply cannot leave the grocery store without a few avocados. When ripe, these are a cinch to crush into DIY face masks. Mix in a little honey or lemon for added effect. Slather your face and let the amino acids, vitamin E, vitamin B, plus all those other nutrients seep into your pores and moisturize the heck out of your face. (Photo: Momtastic)

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2. Apple cider vinegar: Make sure you dilute the vinegar with water before you use it on your skin. You can use it to treat pimples or rub all over your face and neck to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Apple cider vinegar can also soothe sunburned skin.  (Photo: Momtastic)



3. Witch hazel: If you don’t use a toner, you should start. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should just buy witch hazel. Dab a little of this all natural astringent on a cotton ball at night to remove makeup residue, even out your skin tone, and shrink pores. It can help with acne, irritated skin, and even insect bites! (Photo: Amazon)


4. Coconut oil: Since I’m somewhat of a face oil guru, I also can’t let you peel out of your grocery store without a tub of coconut oil. This stuff is jam-packed full of proteins, fatty acids, and vitamin E, making it a must-have. Add a bit to your moisturizer or sunscreen. Put some in your face wash or use it as a cuticle softener. I also love it as a lip gel. (Photo: Amazon)


5. Lemons: If you want to brighten up your mug, then lemon is your fruit! Rub it on sunspots to lighten those areas. Or if you prefer, smooth lemon juice all over your face and neck for an overall sun-kissed, glowing appearance. (Photo: Getty/Brian Yarvin/Photographer’s Choice)


6. Oatmeal: This powerhouse grain can be used to wash away dead skin cells and calm overtired, irritated skin. Mix with countless other grocery store buys like yogurt, honey, egg whites, or lemon. Use it as a mask or scrub. If you need help with eczema, look for oatmeal labeled “colloidal.” (Photo: Getty/cheche22/iStock)


7. Honey: This wunderkind antioxidant, when used along with your favorite face wash or mask, can help with acne, ruddy complexion, and clogged pores. It also doubles as an anti-aging tool and makeup remover. Just make sure you buy raw, organic honey in its purest form. (Photo: Amazon)


8. Yogurt: I really don’t like to eat yogurt, so I was shocked when a dermatologist told me it was great for my face. Apparently, it’s chock-full of vitamins (zinc, lactic acid, calcium, B vitamins) that can actually improve skin tone and texture. When mixed with oatmeal or lemon, it can generate a powerful skin mask that does multiple duties: sloughs off dead skin cells; diminishes scars, fine lines, and sunspots; and improves elasticity. (Photo: Amazon)

What’s your favorite grocery store beauty buy? Tell us in the comments.

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