25 Easy Makeup Hacks You Need In Your Life

Ah, mornings. Thanks to my kids’ raging bed head and picky eating ways, I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on getting myself full-on glam each day. I never leave the house without makeup, so I count on fast fixes to get presentable in a flash. I usually try to pick one feature to play up and keep everything else pretty simple. Whether you like to put on a full face of makeup, or wear the bare minimum, there are a few beauty hacks that I think all moms need to know about, from how to hide dark under eye circles to keeping lipstick on a little longer. And here’s something else: Contouring isn’t as scary as it sounds; I figure if I can figure out how to fake model-like cheekbones, I can skate by wearing yoga pants!

So, I’ve rounded up my favorite makeup hacks for skin, cheeks, lips, eyes, and eyebrows. Some of them are perfect for your school morning routine while others are great for date night. Now excuse me while I go man handle my eyebrows. These things aren’t going to reshape themselves!

More Quick & Easy Beauty Tricks:


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