DIY Printable Date Dice for Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s always a chance to up your romance game! If you’ve got a date to plan, why not get a little adventurous and roll the dice to see what you should do? No, literally. Roll these printable date dice and your Valentine’s date will be a piece of cake. You’ll have the evening planned before you can even say cupid.


  • Date dice downloads one and two
  • printer
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • glue stick or glue dots
  • optional: pen


Step 1: Print out the Date Dice One file on card stock.


Step 2: If you’d like to put your own date ideas on the dice, cut out the dice along the solid lines, flip the paper over, and write a date idea on each square. If you’d like to use our date ideas, flip the paper over to the back side and prepare it to run through your printer again, being sure the same end of the paper goes through the printer first. Then print the Date Dice Two file on the back of your page.


Step 3: Cut out the dice along the solid lines.


Step 4: Fold the dice inward along the dotted lines.


Step 5: On the small tabs, either add glue dots or smear a glue stick. Then fold the dice so that the tabs are hidden and adhere the dice together.


Step 6: Roll the dice to see what you’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day! Bonus points for keeping the dice around and upping your dating game for the rest of the year.



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