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Best DIY Conversation Heart Projects for Valentine’s Day

Just a few more weeks to go, and you will celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. You must have plenty of things to say to your partner to convey how much you appreciate them. However, at times, you might hesitate to pour your heart out. So, express your feelings with adorable DIY conversation heart projects instead. You can either make edible conversation hearts or cute DIY crafts that your partner can cherish for the rest of their life.

1. Conversation Heart Magnets

These easy-to-make conversation heart magnets are the perfect way to add color to your fridge through February. Make different sizes of hearts with plaster, felt paper, or plain paper to add variety to the collection. Write cute messages on them, attach magnets behind them, and surprise your partner by placing them on your fridge or wardrobe on Valentine’s Day. Seeing these messages first thing in the morning will immediately boost their mood.

2. Conversation Heart Envelopes

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Grab some game and/or movie tickets and slip them into an envelope with handmade conversation hearts. You can even slip in massage coupons (go for a couple massage coupon to spice it up), baking session coupons, etc. Give the envelope to your partner, and enjoy their reaction. This is a fantastic last-minute DIY conversation heart project that you can customize to your liking.

3. Conversation Heart Macarons

If your partner is a macaron lover, make some heart-shaped treats and write short, adorable messages to convey your feelings. Baking macarons isn’t easy, so make a few experimental batches before baking the final batch you will be gifting to your partner.

4. Conversation Heart Bags

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This is the best DIY conversation heart project for Valentine’s Day, especially for kids. Sit with your little ones, cut colorful pages into small heart shapes, write motivating and sweet messages for their friends, and toss homemade heart-shaped cookies or brownies into the mix (of course, wrapped in cling film or something else to keep it sanitary). Voila, your treat bag is ready for school. Your kid’s friends will love this gesture, and your munchkin will be the star of the Valentine’s Day school party.

5. Conversation Heart Photo Frame

Make conversation hearts with clay and stick them onto photo frames. This will make a great DIY conversation heart project for Valentine’s Day for family and friends, with framed pictures sprinkled around the house.

6. Conversation Heart Pretzel Bites

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This is yet another kid-friendly DIY conversation heart project for Valentine’s Day. Let your kids arrange pretzels on a tray, place Hershey’s Kisses on every pretzel, microwave them for a few seconds until soft, and press in the conversation hearts (store-bought or handmade). The sweet and salty treat is ready to be snacked upon.

7. Conversation Heart Jewelry

If you love making jewelry and your partner loves sporting your creations, why not make conversation heart jewelry for the love of your life? You can make bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or even brooches and write fun messages, like “he/she is booked for life,” “I am taken,” etc., to show your love.

Take your pick from these DIY conversation heart projects, purchase the materials, start working on them, and surprise your partner on the 14th. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below which conversation heart project you went with for Valentine’s Day.

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