stroller workout

A Calorie-Blasting Stroller Workout For Moms


Over the years a long list of studies have pointed to the power of exercise when it comes to staving off postpartum depression. Even low intensity activities like walking with a stroller can be beneficial. And it goes without saying that working out is critical for heart and over-all health, as well.

Typically women are cleared six weeks after giving birth for exercise. Unfortunately, while the benefits are well documented, carving out time to jump back into that pre-baby HIIT routine may not seem possible, particularly given our country’s ongoing struggles to offer fair across-the-board maternity and paternity leave (we’re not even asking for 40-day postpartum hotels which is customary in many places in Asia!). One of the ways around the problem is to work your exercise program into your every day baby routine. Like a stroller workout routine. There’s no need for dumbbells and jump ropes when you have your bodyweight and a sturdy stroller and some other baby essentials (like a Diaper Genie) that can easily be used as workout props.

By simply pushing your baby in her stroller—something you do already—you can burn calories and complete a total body workout just as you would by sweating it out in a gym.

stroller workout

The first step to a successful stroller workout routine (after finding the perfect postpartum workout leggings) is to find out exactly how incorporate your stroller and other baby essentials into a safe and effective workout routine. We turned to SLT instructor and pre/postnatal fitness expert Vanessa Padula.

Carve out a 20-minute block of time, ideally 5-6 times a week, or break up this routine in between baby’s eat-play-sleep schedule. The basic idea is to do each of these moves for 45 seconds, resting as long as needed between each exercise (if there are two sides, do 45 seconds on each side). When you finish the circuit, rest, and then repeat the circuit another two times.

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