The Best (& Worst) Mommy-and-Baby Workout Moves We’ve Tried

Now that Quincy is 4-months-old and he’s sleeping better I’m ready to get back into a routine of self- care; fitting in some exercise is one of my first priorities. But finding the time to do that with three kids, including two under age 2, is pretty challenging. I’m not quite ready to take Quincy to the daycare at our gym, so I’m trying to find ways to exercise at home. I try to get in some cardio in the form of a good walk every day. Pushing a double stroller with two kids in it is a pretty good start, especially in summer.

But here’s the thing: I also want to incorporate strength training to rebuild muscle and tone that I’ve lost. And since my baby and toddler don’t usually nap at the same time, I started trying to fit in a workout with Quincy while my toddler is napping. Through trial and error I’ve found a few mommy-and-baby workout moves that work really well with him, as well as two that do not. So here are the best (and worst) mommy and baby workout moves I’ve tried. (To do these moves, I put my son in a Solly Baby Wrap; another front carrier would work as well.)

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