A Workout You Can Do To Stay Active This Winter (With Your Baby!)

It’s important for mental and physical health to stay active every day. That doesn’t mean we need to workout till our heart feels like it will pound out of our chest, but it means we should make an effort to move our body. This isn’t easy to do when it’s freezing and raining outside! With that in mind we turned to Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Amanda Asaro and asked her to put together a workout we can do at home using nothing but basic items for resistance. If your baby is crying, ditch the props and use your baby for resistance! Babies often will calm down if you move while holding them.


For this workout circuit Asaro recommends doing each exercise for 60 seconds before moving on to the next one, taking as little time as possible between each exercise. Once you have completed all four moves, repeat the circuit another two times, taking 60 seconds between each circuit.

Athletic Propulsion Labs
Athletic Propulsion Labs

Before diving into the moves, let’s talk fashion!

Asaro is wearing items from APL and Koral’s new holiday collections (read about their holiday discounts here) and using a tote from Kule.


If you’re in the NYC area, checkout Kule’s new store at 610 Fifth Avenue. They have a holiday shop with exclusive products sold in-store only. We love this bag because it’s nice and roomy, so it’s as good for on-the-go with baby as it is for a workout at home.


The baby featured is wearing a top from Seraphine (part of an adorable Mommy and Me set) and Thanksgiving-themed pants from Carter’s, also part of a gift set.


Keep reading for Asaro’s sculpting workout circuit.  

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