Exercises That Will Burn Off 9 Insanely Delicious Summer Foods

I love to eat in the summer. Okay, fine: I love to eat year-round, but there is nothing like strolling to a local park with a lobster roll from my favorite Brooklyn lobster shack, or nibbling a fresh and vibrant insalata caprese while I sit out on the deck with a glass of wine or a refreshing summer cocktail. Yes, eating (especially al fresco) is one of the most glorious ways to celebrate these hot summer days. What I don’t love is all the exercising I have to do to burn all the calories from my summer favorites. But, I do have to exercise because I don’t want to have to invest in a new wardrobe for fall.

I get seriously bored of doing the same ol’ thing at the gym all the time. That’s why I talked to Jessica Bailey, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor in New York City. She’s whipped me into shape many times over the years, and she had some seriously cool exercise ideas to burn off your favorite summer grub. Check out this slideshow to get some inspiration, but keep this in mind: “These calorie burn estimates depend on the length of time that you exercise,” says Bailey. “Everyone burns calories at a different rate depending on your muscle mass, your size, etc.” With that in mind, these estimates are based on a 140-pound woman, so alter accordingly, and get movin’! 

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