The Best Winter Workout Gear: Exercise Outdoors without Freezing Your Butt Off

I will take just about any excuse to stay cozy at home on cold winter mornings, rather than bundle up and go for a run. Seriously, working out in the winter is not easy, especially on those completely frigid days. It’s tempting to stay indoors and do exercise videos on demand (or, you know, take a nap), but I’m serious about working out this year, so winter workout gear that can keep the cold out (without weighing me down) is most definitely necessary.

So, to round-up the best list of winter workout gear, I took an informal poll of all the die-hard exercisers in my life (and their friends) — you know, those people who will hit the pavement even in a blizzard. The winter workout gear that they told me about is lightweight, warm, and stylish. It’s the stuff you can wear to stay safe from the elements, without skipping your morning run or power walk or whatever. Because life’s too short to run on the hamster wheel while staring at a blank wall.

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