My kid-friendly daily workout with The Wiggles

My Kid-Friendly Daily Workout with The Wiggles

Before I had kids, everyone told me how much work they’d be. They told me how much running around I’d do, how active the kids (and therefore I) would be, and how, if I was planning to stay at home, I would have more time for exercise.

(Huh. Time.)

It’s true that my kids keep me on my toes. And it’s true that sometimes I feel like all I do is run around after them.

But it’s not nearly as much exercise as I used to get. It’s not nearly enough exercise, period. Especially not in the middle of a cold, wet winter, when the running around is often limited to indoor activities.

So I’ve developed a plan. A light workout I do with the kids, every single day. And we do it to the sweet sounds of The Wiggles.

The Wiggles? Am I mad? Maybe. But the kids love it! And, to my surprise, I love it too. So if you want an exercise routine that is not at all trainer-approved but has me feeling fit(ter) and fantastic(ker?), feel free to join in. Line up the songs, press play, copy The Wiggles, and get to it!

Here is my winter-friendly, kid-friendly daily workout.


Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist)?

I start with a gentle warm-up to an early classic. Twist your body gently, shift your weight around, shake your hands and just generally loosen up.

Getting into it

Getting Strong

An obvious choice, perhaps, but another gentle one to ease in with. Run on the spot (or use a box step like I do!), jump up and down and then skip with a rope (or pretend to if you don’t have the room) – just don’t stop moving!

The Monkey Dance

This song is actually a cover of The Cockroaches 1994 hit Do the Monkey, so chances are if you were grown up back then you would have been dancing to it under the disco ball.Ooh-ooh, aah-aah! More jumping, lots of arm movements and non-stop moving will keep you going through The Monkey Dance.

The Shimmie Shake

I mean it! Just don’t stop moving! Keep following along like a Wiggle – they never, ever stop moving.

Romp Bomp a Stomp

This is another non-stop moving song, but with more for your arms to do to warm them up for the next song.


Do the Propeller!

In this song, you move your arms around like a propeller. Easy, right? The Wiggles do some clapping and other dance moves during the song, which the kids copy, but I just keep moving my arms around and around. Bonus points for holding weights (or tin cans) while doing so.

Feeling Chirpy

Keep your arms in the air! This is another song in which I take the main movement and continue it throughout the entire song, flapping my wings just like a birdie. Double bonus points for holding onto the weights from Do the Propeller!. Triple bonus points for getting the words in the right order every time.

You Got the Drop

This song has everything. Lots of arm movements, lots of twirling, and plenty of leg work as you constantly drop down in a squat, making it the perfect segue to the next song. 


The Corroboree Frog

This song is about a frog. And the movement that I perform for this song is to squat in a frog position and jump up and down, up and down. Through the whole song. Without stopping. The song lasts less than 90 seconds, but I can promise that it will feel much longer!


Rolling Down the Sandhills

As The Wiggles (and my kids) roll down the sandhills, I do crunches. Then, when they run back them, it’s quicksteps on the step.

I Stamp

I use this song both as a strength exercise, and to start cooling down. The movements are gentle, with some light stamping, then clapping. “And now, I stand still…” But while the kids stand still, I plank. As you get better at holding the plank, I recommend hitting pause to make the plank (and, in an ideal world, the kids’ silence!) last longer.

Cool down and stretches

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I stretch during this song, as the kids sing and twirl around the room. You might like to stretch or, if you’re balletically inclined, join in with the dancing.

And that’s it! Or is it?

When you’ve nailed all the movements and are feeling super fit and ready to take on the world, try singing along with every word as you go. It’s harder than it sounds. Man oh man, are those Wiggly folk a fit group of non-stop singing, dancing, musical superhumans!

Good luck!

All songs are available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. If CDs and DVDs are more your style, you’ll find most of the tracks on The Best Of The Wiggles, out now.

Do your kids love The Wiggles like mine?

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