3-Year-Old Eats 18 Cups of Yogurt While Dad’s Back Is Turned

Every parent has a story about turning around for a minute to do something important only to find that while they were distracted, their kid got into some hilarious trouble. From smearing pudding on the walls to drawing on the family dog, we thought we had heard it all. That is until one dad, Aaron Whysall from Nottingham, England posted a hilarious image of his sweet daughter, 3-year-old Oliva, who, after he walked out of a room for 10 quick minutes, ate 18 cups of Yoplait yogurt.

The great yogurt fest began when Olivia’s dad popped outside for a few minutes.


“I was in the garden for 10 minutes,” Whysall told TODAY Parents. “When I came inside to check on her, I saw that she had helped herself to 18 yogurts.”

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One thing about raising kids that is so darn hard and that we don’t talk about enough is just how much trouble our kids get themselves into. Much is said about how tired and stressed parents are because of the work involved like chores and shopping, cooking and driving, and the list goes on. But one major and often overlooked stressor is that most kids will go through a wild phase (it lasts from birth until college graduation, we think) in which just keeping them from getting hurt takes an entire day of hyper-focused energy.

You can tether all the furniture to walls, hide all the sharp objects, and ban permanent markers all you want but kids will always find a way to get their daily dose of shenanigans. It’s pure exhaustion.

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Even when we think we trust our kids to be distracted by something they love (looking at you, screen time) so that we can catch a quick break and go to the bathroom or take a quick phone call, or in Whysall’s case, run out to the garden, our kids will upend our day by getting into trouble. Lucky for Olivia it was yogurt and not something actually dangerous.

No worries, though, everyone. Dad reported to TODAY Parents that Olivia is feeling totally fine after her giant yogurt adventure.

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