Learning flower arranging, making beautiful bouquets with your own hands
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Best Flower Arrangement Tips for Beginners

If you love decorating your house with seasonal flowers for the fresh smell and feel-good factor but don’t buy them because you dread how to arrange them, then worry not. We have some flower arrangement tips that you can use to decorate your house like a pro. These tips and tricks might seem pretty basic, but trust us, they can take your flower arrangement game up a notch.

1. Decide where you will place them

Do you plan to put the flowers at the entrance of your house, on your desk, the dining table, or the side table? Why is this question important? Different display areas call for different vase sizes, which will be important when picking your design.

For example, one should use tall vases on entryways, desks, and dressers for a bigger impact. Smaller vases are great for everyday flower arrangements, like at the dining table. So, pick the place first to pick the right vase size.

2. Measure the height of your vase

Best Flower Arrangement Tips for Beginners
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Measuring the height of your vase (or eyeballing it) is essential to determine the correct length of your flowers. Ideally, the entire flower arrangement (from the very top to the bottom, including the section inside the vase) should be two and a half times the height of your vase.

So, going by the book, if your vase is 10 inches tall, your tallest bunch of flowers should be 25 inches tall for a well-proportioned look. For short flower vases, your flower arrangement should be one and a half times the vase’s height and two times the width.

Another factor to remember is to choose the vase as per your flower. For example, tulips require the support of a straight-sided vase, while tall stems or top-heavy flowers might need a weighted vessel for support.

Vases come in different materials, sizes, and shapes, so measuring every time might not be possible. And if you don’t like to follow rules, go with what appeals to your eyes.

3. Decide on a flower arrangement design

Best Flower Arrangement Tips for Beginners
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Making a flower arrangement that is pleasing to your eyes requires effort. You can’t put all the flowers in a bunch and expect them to look good. There has to be a pattern. So, next time, while buying flowers, pick fresh and seasonal flowers in various shapes and sizes for a simple yet appealing flower arrangement.

If you want a fancy arrangement, pick flowers of the same color but in different hues for a monochromatic design. Alternatively, you can choose flowers with complementary colors to make the floral arrangement pop.

4. Prepare the flowers

Once you have picked the flowers, lay them on the counter to try various combinations and see what works best for you. After deciding, remove extra or damaged leaves/petals and cut off the unwanted buds (keep them in a separate container to reuse in your arrangement).

Finally, cut or trim the stems diagonally per your desired height before arranging them in the vase. Ensure you know the flowers well and their water/sun requirement to keep them fresh for a long time.

5. Use floral tapes

Best Flower Arrangement Tips for Beginners
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If you want your flowers to stay in a particular way, use clear floral tape to keep your floral arrangements intact. Tapes also prevent the stems from tangling, making it easier to change the arrangement or remove a particular flower without any issues.

Simply create a grid by applying the tape vertically and horizontally across the top of the vase. Then, stick the flower stems through the grid’s holes to keep them in place.

These tips and tricks might seem intimidating, but trust us, making captivating flower arrangements will become easier after a few practice sessions at home. So, trust yourself, get some fresh flowers, and make the flower arrangements of your dreams. And don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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