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Best Christmas Gifts for Host and Hostess

If you are invited to a Christmas party, give the host and hostess a gift to show your appreciation. It’s basic etiquette, and in the season of giving, what better way to extend your thanks than arriving equipped with a present?

Don’t show up to the Christmas dinner empty-handed. Grab a little something for the hosting family to acknowledge their time and effort. While wine is one of the best gift options out there (because fellow parents can use some unwinding time), we have a few other gift ideas to cater to various budgets and tastes. Find a Christmas gift for your host with the help of this list to make it a delightful experience rather than a task.

1. Charcuterie board

This is a simple, elegant, and useful gift for the host and hostess who enjoy entertaining guests often. The board comes in various shapes and sizes, so pick the one that suits your budget. If you are not tight on budget, gift them a personalized serving board with their names written on it. You can even give them a pre-assembled charcuterie board decorated by you to add that personal touch. It will be a crowd-pleaser, and people will love to snack on it through the Christmas dinner.

2. Snack platter or serveware  

A snack platter is another budget-friendly item that will make a great Christmas gift. They come in various styles like a single platter, platter with compartments, tiered, etc., so grab the ones that suit your host’s personality.

3. Customized self-care kit 

A customized self-care kit for both the host and the hostess is also a great idea to show appreciation. For men, you can fill their basket or box with their favorite shaving cream, grooming essentials, and so on. Meanwhile, you can give women bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, essential oils, etc. 

4. Pre-potted plants 

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If your host and hostess are into gardening, they will love this Christmas gift. You can get them pre-potted plants from the market or make one yourself. Right from seasonal flowers to succulents to cacti, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Gifting a terrarium is also great if you want to go the extra mile for your lovely hosts. If not all these, then cute ceramic planters, hanging planters, plastic pots, gardening tools, etc., will also be useful for them.

5. Handmade and natural products

Handmade and natural products such as soaps, jute baskets, paintings, macramé, etc., will make an ideal Christmas gift, especially for those who use only natural products in their daily life. You can even get them personalized to make it an extra special Christmas gift for the hosts. 

6. Coffee supply 

Are your host and hostess coffee lovers? Then there is no better gift for them than a French press with quality ground coffee. They will surely think about you whenever they make their morning coffee. 

7. Drinkware 

A beautiful set of drink glasses, beer mugs, champagne glasses, wine glasses, or even tea cups will be the perfect Christmas gift for many. Depending on their drink preference, get them some nice glassware or drinkware per your budget. You can even customize them to add a personal touch to your gift.

8. Books

If the host and hostess love reading books, why not gift them a bestselling book from their favorite literary genre? Or if they have ever mentioned a book that is still on their wishlist, then surprise them with it. This will be the best Christmas gift for them. This is the perfect present if you also plan to buy something for their little ones.

If you still can’t figure out what to gift your hosts on Christmas, simply grab a home decor item. You can never go wrong with this. Happy holidays!

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