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10 Activities Parents Can Do With Their Kids This Christmas

Christmas is a much-awaited festivity for everyone. From little ones to mamas and papas, this time of the year brings a lot of cheer for all age groups. Whether baking cookies, decorating your Christmas tree, or adorning your house with lights, the holiday season brings families together. If you want to make this Christmas even more memorable for your munchkins, incorporate these fun activities into your schedule this holiday season.

1. Decorating cookies

Get your crazy bunch in the kitchen, and ask them to cut cookies using their favorite cutter. Give them some festive-shaped cookie cutters, and let them take their pick. Once done, hand over some colorful piping bags to decorate the cookies.

They may look a bit messy, but hey, your kids used their creativity to decorate them. So, display those cookies proudly on the dinner table and let your guests know the little ones take credit for the delicacies. Your kids will be super happy!

2. Letter to Santa

Which kid doesn’t love Father Winter, especially this time of the year? We bet even you must have written tons of letters to Santa in your childhood, so why not continue this adorable Christmas tradition? Gather your kids, hand them some blank pages, and ask them to write a letter to Santa. Tell them to get creative and enjoy the activity to the fullest.

Top Tip: Ask them to list out what they desire this Christmas. This is a win-win for you and your little ones. You are making your work easier by taking a sneak peek at their wishlist, and they are getting their desired gift from Father Winter.

3. Learn Christmas songs

Make your kids learn some classic Christmas songs like “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” etc. this year. Be it karaoke night with family and friends or gathering around the piano, Christmas songs are magical and more fun when everyone sings along.

4. Make snowman spoons

Snowman spoons for your hot cocoa! Brilliant idea, isn’t it? Sip your hot beverage with your little ones in style this holiday season with these edible spoons. Make some with your kids this Christmas and sip the chill away.

All you need is melted chocolates and candy cane spoons. Dip the spoons in the chocolate and let it set. Make a snowman with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and pretzel sticks. Voila, your snowman spoons are ready to stir the hot beverage of your choice!

5. Recycle bottles for decoration

Bring out your empty wine bottles, cider jugs, mason jars, etc., and get decorating with the kids. Let them paint the bottles while you fill the jar with lights, and embellish them with paper crafts for quirky Christmas decorations.

6. Make popcorn garland

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Make a double batch of popcorn this Christmas and put your children to work. Ask them to make popcorn garland, a perfect blend of decoration and snacks. To make the garland, take a fresh batch of popcorn, add them one by one to the crafting string with the help of a needle, and your decorative snack is ready. To make it even more interesting, add various flavored popcorn and mix some cranberries for that extra Christmas-y feel.

7. Paper cup lighting angel

This is a fun activity that you can do with your kids. They are easy to make, the perfect decor for a well-decorated corner, and can even serve as the centerpiece. Simply take plain paper cups, draw cute angels on them, and paste pre-cut paper wings.

Now, take electric tea lights and place the cup upside down on the tea light, and your customized fairy is ready. Instead of drawing on the cup, you can paste pre-cut angel faces to make the craft more beautiful.

8. Snowball bowling pins

It’s time to use all the old cans you have saved. Take them out, let your kids paint the cans in white, and add some snowman faces. Now, place them at a distance, either on top of each other or a formation of your kid’s choice, and try to knock them off using a ball. The winner gets to eat the first batch of Christmas cookies!

9. Emoji christmas song game

Take your holiday activity to the next level with the Christmas emoji song game. In this, players will try to identify the Christmas carols with the help of emoji clues within 60 seconds. Along with identifying the song, they also have to sing it with the family. This game can be played with two people or with the entire family. Of course, the more, the merrier!

10. Felt Christmas tree

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While you decorate your real Christmas tree with all the glass ornaments, give a personal Christmas tree to your little one if they are too young to assist with the real tree. The DIY felt Christmas tree is cute and makes them feel included, which is crucial for family-centered holidays like Christmas.

Get some green and brown felt paper and cut them into the shape of a Christmas tree. Now, give your little one some detachable ornaments and marvel their creativity. You can even buy felt paper Christmas trees online to save some time. This Christmas activity will keep your kids busy for hours, giving you plenty of time to decorate the real deal.

Aren’t these Christmas activity ideas perfect for the holiday season? Which activity will you be trying out with your kids? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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