Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

5 Super Easy Valentine’s Day DIYs for Kids

Keep in mind to inquire about the rules at your child’s school. Certain schools may not allow valentines or may impose restrictions on what kids are allowed to bring to class. Once you know what’s permitted, start making your valentines!

Idea 1: Bake Up Edible Valentines

Try heart-shaped sugar cookies, frosted heart cupcakes, or even super-easy, or heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats. These quick tips make any treat a Valentine’s Day treat:

  • Put a sweet twist on any favorite treat or recipe by using heart-shaped cookie cutters.
  • Use or red/pink food coloring to color dough and frosting.
  • Transform goodies into a festive lollipop by simply adding a stick.
  • Individually wrap treats in foodsafe boxes or bags and add heart-themed stickers to create Valentine’s-themed wrapping.

Idea 2: Make Heart-Shaped Crayons

This adorable DIY idea could not be easier; simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Assemble all your old, broken crayon stubs

Step 2: Cut them up into small pieces and mix the pieces in a bowl so the colors are well mingled. 

Step 3: Pour the crayon pieces them in a heart-shaped muffin tin or silicone baking mold. (Be sure to use a dedicated tin or mold for non-edible products—you don’t want to reuse this for food even after washing.)

Step 4: Bake crayons in the oven at 225F for 10 minutes or so, until the crayons are melted.

Step 5: Let the crayons cool completely.

Step 6: Once cooled, pop the crayons out of the molds and let them completely harden. If the crayons are difficult to remove, place the tin or mold in the freezer for a few minutes to loosen them up. Put them in a small treat bag and use red and pink curling ribbon to tie them off.

Idea 3: I’m Wild About You!

Need a five-minute idea? Try this:

Step 1: Grab a box of your child’s favorite animal crackers

Step 2: Put a handful of the crackers into a clear sandwich baggie. 

Step 3: Using colorful markers or your computer, have you child make a tag for each baggie that says: I’m wild about you!

Step 4: Cut a hole into each tag using a hole punch. Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie off the bag with the ribbon. Voila, you’re done!

Idea 4: Chocolate- Dipped Heart Pretzels

This delicious treat is a snap to make, and yeilds pretty impressive results. All you need are a bag of pretzels, melting chocolate, and Valentine’s-inspired sprinkles. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Melt the chocolate

Step 2: Dip each pretzel halfway into the chocolate and shake some red and pink heart-shaped sprinkles onto them.

Step 3: Cool on wad ppaper and place in the fridge to harden.

Step 4: Bag ‘em up in small baggies and use red and pink curling ribbons to tie them off.

Idea 5: Play-Doh Valentines

Give away customized Play-Doh containers wiht just a little bit of creativity. Learn how:

Step 1: Pick up a bag of party favor sized Play-Doh containers on sale, and a sheet of white printable sticker paper.

Step 2: Cut circles out of the sticker paper that fit the top of the Play-Doh containers.

Step 3: Customize each sticker with your child’s special Valentine’s Day message. Have your child get creative with markers to really make each sticker her own. Can’t think of a way to customize? Print out this Valentine’s Day-themed template for printable Play-Doh labels.

Step 4: Give away your customized Valentine’s Day gifts!

If you’re running low on time and creativity, there’s still hope! Simply doctor up store bought valentines by having your child add stickers or set out construction paper, scissors, stickers, glue and glitters and encourage your kids to make their own. Remeber, when it comes to valentines, it’s the thought that counts!

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