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Christmas Recipes Martha Stewart Swears By

Are you looking for last-minute recipes to amp up your Christmas dinner game? If so, then look no further because these recipes are delectable. The culinary goddess swears by these three recipes and makes it almost every holiday season for her friends and family. Eager to know about the Christmas recipes Martha Stewart thinks are mandatory for all to learn? Let’s take a brief look at them.

1. Eggnog

Martha Stewart’s eggnog differs slightly from the traditional recipes, mainly consisting of eggs, cream, milk, rum, and spices. Stewart’s eggnog recipe calls for plenty of bourbon, cognac, dark rum, heavy cream, and a dozen eggs.

The television personality states that her eggnog is “so rich it needs no accompaniment.” Martha Stewart makes this eggnog every year for her holiday party, claiming it is “the best eggnog you’ll ever taste” (via Insider).

2. Sugar cookies

Everybody loves sugar cookies as one can cut them into various shapes and decorate them in cute designs. Be it Christmas, New Year, or birthdays, these sugar cookies are perfect for every occasion.

All you need is all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, unsalted butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, and royal icing for decoration. Mix the ingredients, roll the dough, cut them into cute shapes, and bake them before showcasing your creative skills.

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The best part is you can make these with your kiddos, asking them to help knead the dough, cut out shapes, and even decorate them. This is an excellent way to spend more time together as a family during the holiday season.

This cookie decoration activity lets kids use their imagination and flaunt their creative skills. Although the sugar cookies might not turn out how you imagined, do not hesitate to exhibit them in front of your guests. The kids will be over the moon to see guests appreciating the decoration and enjoying the cookies.

You can even freeze the dough beforehand and decorate it the following day. They will even make a perfect handmade gift for your family and friends. Martha Stewart recommends making them in the shapes of Christmas trees and glass balls to keep them festive.

3. Puff-pastry cheese straws 

Cheese and wine pairing is a match made in heaven. However, this time on Christmas, instead of store-bought cheese crackers, try making this recipe by Martha Stewart: puff-pastry cheese straws. They are easy to make, and their crunchy and cheesy texture will pair perfectly with that glass of wine. Plus, kids will also love it for their appetizer.

All you will need to make this puff-pastry cheese straw is parmigiano-reggiano, cayenne pepper, frozen all-butter puff pastry, and eggs. This appetizer will come together in minutes since you will be using store-bought puff pastry. Cut the pastry sheets into thin strips, sprinkle the cheese mixture (cheese and pepper), twist the sheets into a spiral, and bake. And voila, the snack is ready. 

If you are not much of a cheese fan, you can make different variations of the same. Some combinations we highly recommend are sesame and poppy, tomato and rosemary, and pecorino and black pepper.

Aren’t Martha Stewart’s must-try Christmas recipes easy to make? Try these if you are still wondering what would look the best on your dinner table because these will surely be a crowd favorite.

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