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10 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes That Even Your Kids Can Make

Whether you are hosting or are just an attendee, it is about time you start preparing for Thanksgiving as it is right around the corner. You must have started planning and shopping for the decor and theme, but before you finalize your menu, here is a suggestion, include some Thanksgiving recipes that even your kids can make.

Your kids will be more than happy to get involved and take some load off your shoulders. Plus, this way they stay engaged for longer periods while you work on that lavish dinner spread; a win-win situation for the parents as well as the kids. So here are some easy Thanksgiving recipes that your kids can be responsible for. 


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 1. Chocolate Pretzel Rods 

Melted chocolate, pretzel rods, and sprinkles is all you need to make this Thanksgiving recipe. Let your kids dip the pretzel rods in the melted chocolate and cover it with sprinkles of their choice. They can alternatively make swirls on the dipped pretzel rods with melted white chocolate. To keep them engaged for a little longer, you can even ask your kids to decorate the bowls or plates that you will be using for the pretzel rods. 

2. Mashed Potatoes 

One of the most important side dishes of Thanksgiving: mashed potatoes. However, this year let your kids grate, sieve and mash the potatoes till they are light and fluffy in texture. You can even ask them to make several variations by adding different seasonings of their choice. We are sure they will especially love the mashing part of the preparation.

3. Turkey-Shaped Cheese Ball

Give all the ingredients of the cheese ball to your kids, ask them to mix it all by hand, and make one big cheese ball out of the mixture. Then let your kids dress up the cheese ball with crackers and pretzels to make it look like a turkey. Voila, a turkey-shaped cheese ball that is guaranteed to be a hit at the kids’ table.

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4. Chocolate Clusters 

This Thanksgiving dessert recipe might be a hit with parents and kids alike. Allow your kids to melt some chocolate in the microwave and throw in some nuts like cashews, pecans, almonds and other assortments of candies. After mixing, let them spread the melted chocolate out on parchment paper and refrigerate the mixture till it is solid. Finally, all they have to do is break them into bite-size pieces and there you go, a tasty treat that is ready to be devoured. 

5. Chocolate And Peanut Butter Bark 

Another sweet treat that your kids can get creative with is dark chocolate and peanut butter bark. Melt the chocolate and peanut butter in the microwave and spread them on the sheet. Then ask your kids to make a pretty pattern on it and refrigerate the mixture to set it. Once set, they can break the bark into pieces. To keep them occupied for a little longer, ask your kids to pack these into clear bags or cute tins with a handwritten note, which your loved ones can take home after dinner. 

6. Pumpkin Pie Parfait Cups

Instead of making the traditional pie, try making pumpkin pie parfait cups this Thanksgiving. You can even get help from your little ones for making and arranging them in cups or jars. Let your kids mix cookie crumbs with melted butter and place them at the bottom of the cup/jar. Then beat sugar and cream cheese along with pumpkin purée and spice. With the help of a piping bag, the kids can fill up the jars/cups with the filling and then simply refrigerate them till set.

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7. Shaped Cookies

No Thanksgiving is complete without cookies, so involve your kids in the process. Place all the ingredients on the counter and ask them to mix it all into a dough. Once done, let your kids roll the dough out on the counter and cut it into various shapes with the help of cookie cutters. After baking, your kids can dip them in chocolate or add sprinkles on top to make it all the more fancy. 

8. No-Bake Turkey Brownies 

Get brownie bites from the store and ask your kids to decorate them with candy corn, candy eyes and chocolate icing. If you want, you can even bake bite-sized brownies of your own and let your kids decorate those instead. 

9. Candy Cornucopia

This Thanksgiving recipe is as easy as can be. Simply buy some waffle cones from the store, let your kids dip the edges of the cone in melted chocolate and add some sprinkles to it. Then fill the cone with a snack mix of your choice, candy pumpkins or candy corn that one can eat on the go. Best time to whip these out? When the family is enjoying movie time! These would be great replacements for popcorn.

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10. Veggie Turkey Thanksgiving Tray 

This is the easiest Thanksgiving recipe for your kids. Simply cut some veggies like red, green and yellow bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber, yellow squash, olives and other veggies that you know your friends and family will enjoy. Let your kids decorate the ingredients for it to resemble a turkey. Serve it with a dip and you have a handy tray that guests can snack on while you serve the rest of the dishes.

These Thanksgiving recipe ideas are super easy and minimally messy (because there is bound to be some mess when kids are involved). Try these Thanksgiving recipes with your kids and make beautiful memories together. Just don’t forget to remind your little ones to wash their hands before working in the kitchen, because those little hands could have been playing with a toy or drawing with a crayon, and we wouldn’t want any of that in our food.

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