101 Brilliant Back to School Snack Hacks

Come the new school year, I’m usually on the hunt for some easy new snack ideas that get my son excited to open up his lunch box. There’s nothing more disappointing than refilling his lunch box in the morning only to discover that he barely touched what I sent him the day before. It feels like healthy and fun snacks rarely go hand in hand. and it can be tough to fight the urge to break out the bag of chips sometimes. For my son, the trick often lies in the presentation. Even something as simple as an apple gets an upgrade when I make it easier or more fun for him to eat.

From using leftover plastic Easter Eggs as year-round snack containers, to brilliant ways to make boring foods FUN, I’ve rounded up a ton of genius ways to play with food your kids will love. Don’t prep another snack without perusing this list first! 


More Great Snack Ideas:

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