Dad’s Hilarious Take on Holiday Cards Goes Viral

Like many families, Reddit user u/kakalacky_guy has been sending out an annual family-focused holiday card. But unlike cards you may have seen that feature smiling faces in matching buffalo plaid outfits or family scenes from throughout the year, this dad uses a mega dose of humor to illustrate exactly what getting through the holidays with kids is like. Spoiler alert: it’s basically a nightmare.

His post features six cards that he created over the last few years under a simple caption that reads, “For 6 years, I”ve tried to capture the essence of raising kids in our Christmas cards. Here’s this year’s card.”


For 6 years I’ve tried to capture the essence of raising kids in our Christmas cards. Here is this year’s card. from funny

The young family is seen living up the holiday with extreme energy every year. The kids are basically running amok and the parents are trying to mitigate each impending disaster from cutting down trees in the front yard, or stealing the family Lexus to go on an impromptu trip to the North Pole, mom and dad are not far behind with arms outstretched and sheer horror on their faces. Yup. Sounds like the hell that is raising kids during the holidays, to me.

The Reddit cards have attracted more than 1,500 comments, which is its own entertainment. There are several threads of conversations in which commenters are trying to figure out how a family so young can afford such a lavish house and car. Others are seriously wondering why the dad isn’t rocking a dad bod after six years of fatherhood (think beer gut and thinning hairline), and others are just wondering if they hate their kids.

It doesn’t take much to realize that the cards are a loving homage to the wild first years of parenting. Because if we’re being totally honest, trying to have holiday decorations, dishes of cookies and candies everywhere, and presents around then of course kids are going to act out. It’s just part of the deal. This dad is clearly a loving and funny father and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year.

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