Toddler Accidentally Buys $400 Couch With Amazon’s ‘One-Click’ Ordering

If you’re raising a kid in the digital age then you’ve likely experienced the comical discovery that your child has taken 700 selfies of their forehead after taking your phone when you weren’t looking. Or, if you’re me, your kid tapped enough wrong number combinations to disable your phone for a few hours. One San Diego mom, however, discovered that her toddler bought a $400 couch using Amazon’s One-Click Feature and the story is hilarious.


Isabella McNeil handed her two-year-old her phone, something a lot of moms do to distract their kids – but she wasn’t expected what happened next. Within a few days, McNeil received an email from Amazon notifying her that her $430 couch was on its way.

Wait. WHAT?! Yup, her daughter was clicking around on the Amazon app and bought a grey tufted couch for $400 plus tax. About a week later the couch, packed in a giant box, arrived much to the great dismay of McNeil.

“I was just so shocked,” McNeil told NBC San Diego. She went on to explain a scenario literally every mom can definitely relate to.

“Sometimes, when you’re a mom and you’re just in that desperation and you just kind of want them to settle down,” McNeil explained to NBC, “the first thing you go to is, ‘Here, play with my phone for a little bit.'”

Unfortunately for McNeil, that moment of desperation would require a $179 fee to return the couch. So, she tried to sell the couch online instead, offering it up for $300 to a willing buyer.

After her story began to pick up viral speed in the news, Amazon reached out to her and offered to refund her the full cost of the accidental couch purchase and has given her the option to either keep or donate the couch. In addition, Amazon reportedly said it is willing to cover the costs associated with giving away the couch.

The One-Click feature on Amazon may be super convenient, especially for moms on the go, but beware, the app can’t tell the difference between an adult and a kiddo.

I have to hand it to the toddler, though, a tufted grey couch sounds pretty cozy.

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