Hilarious ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’ Book Has Spawned a Sequel

If you fell in love with the hilariously sweary ‘Go the F—k to Sleep’ bedtime book that brilliantly describes the hell that is putting kids to bed (especially the audio version recorded by Samuel L. Jackson) then have we got some news for you. The author, Adam Mansbach has discovered what having more than one kid is like and luckily for us, he wrote a book about it.

For any parent who looked at their adorable first baby and thought, “damn, we should have more kids” only to realize that having another kid is 2,000% harder then you will love this shout out in four-letter terms by the very funny Mansbach.

The book is written for parents as a cathartic escape from the frustrating aspects of raising little kids but is told as if addressed to the older sibling. The depth of truth-telling with wild language will have you howling with laughter, like this epic verse:

“No, I can’t play right now, kiddo. The babe spent the whole night awake. I know you feel sad and neglected, but cut me some slack, for f—’s sake.”

We all fell in love with the ‘Go the F—k to Sleep’ book and the follow-up, ‘You Have to F—king Eat’. Who could forget the jaw-dropping video of Jennifer Garner reading ‘Go the F—k to Sleep’ out loud (has she ever actually cussed before?) so we’re super excited to see what kind of celebrity read along the world be treated to once the book hits the public.

Can’t wait to check out this new title? The third book installment of the growing library of profane truth-telling, ‘F—k, Now There Are Two of You’ is being released by Akashic Books on October 1, 2019. You can also snag a copy at Amazon.

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