Instagram Comedian Nails What It’s Like Putting Kids to Bed

“Why are you out of bed?” is a question every parent dreads having to ask but in this hilarious video by Instagram comedian known as The Johnson Files, the question sums up all of all the frustrating excuses kids will give for why they are just not ready to catch some Zzz’s.


The video has racked up more than 57K likes and has been viewed 340K times, and it is easy to see why. Shaun Johnson nails the body language, excuses, and comedic timing of portraying a little kid who refuses to go to bed. From throwing a teddy bear and pretending he “forgot” it to dreaming up elaborate schemes like trying to put his shoes by the front door to make the morning rush easier, Johson has thought of it all.

The comments are equally as funny, with parents chiming from all around the world on the excuses their kids have given for why they simply MUST stay up.

“One night we’d put our kids to bed upstairs at my in-laws while we were downstairs playing a board game. Our son was almost three. He’d been given water and taken potty before tucking them in. But not five mins later he was yelling downstairs asking for a drink of water. I yelled back, “you’ve had your drink now go to sleep”. Within 10 seconds he was asking again for a drink of water. His dad replied, “go to sleep!” 15 seconds goes by and then we hear – “does anybody else down there have some water?” Just killed us,” wrote @tsbounds

And this one by @robertsfamilyhope

“When he throws the bear… “I’m just getting this…”

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