Disney’s Bedtime Hotline Will Make Getting Your Kids to Sleep Easier

There are a few universal truths about raising kids that most parents can nod in agreement to. Dinner time is almost always going to involve a kid saying they’re full because they ate 3 snacks before you sat time. You’ll fret over milestones. And bedtime will almost never go as planned. Bedtime at my house is really loud. There are protests about flossing, there are complaints about itchy pajamas and cries for “one more story.” With three kids, it’s a total crapshoot on how getting all of my children to fall asleep will go. But now, for a limited time, I’ve got Anna and Elsa on my side with their amazing Disney Bedtime Hotline.



Frazzled parents in the US can call 1-877-7-MICKEY, totally free of charge, and have one of six different characters give your kids a special goodnight message. Talk about bribe material! If you’re like me then you’ll be reminding your kids that once they brush teeth, get into jammies, and tuck themselves into bed (QUIETLY!) they can finally hear their special message. At least, that’s how it will roll at my house until September 30th, when this awesome service ends.

Kids can choose between Anna and Elsa, Yoda, Jasmine, Woody, Spider-Man, and, of course, the big mouse himself, Mickey. There are six different messages to choose from. For kids who think texting is cool, you can opt for a bedtime text message instead of a phone call. We called Anna and Elsa and listened to a sweet goodnight message filled with sleepy messages of snuggling up. Anna and Elsa talked for about a minute before the line went quiet.

The Bedtime Hotline is up until the end of September and is a way to attract Disney fans to the new Disney Bedtime Adventure Box, a subscription box service for families that includes Disney pajamas, storybooks, stickers, and more. The standard box is $27.99 per month and the Deluxe box is $54.99 and each includes 12 boxes over the course of a calendar year. For more information on what the boxes include or to order your own, check them out here.

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