5 Best Disney Princess Movies Your Kids Will Love to Watch

Kids love to watch animated movies and their make-believe world. Be it superheroes saving the day or princesses fighting for their kingdom or their loved ones, kids love to see their courageous and fun avatars. So, here are a few Disney princess movies that your kids should definitely watch during their holidays.

1. Mulan 

In this 90’s Disney movie, kids will love to see the valor of Mulan, a young girl who breaks the conventional norms and takes the position of her father in the battle to fight against the Hun army. She sets an example for everyone that girls are just as strong as men and can do everything if they have strong willpower. 


2. Moana

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Disney princess movie, Moana, is a 2016 musical fantasy action-adventure film. The film showcases a spirited teenage girl and her adventurous journey to save her island from a terrible curse. To accomplish her mission, Moana takes the help of demigod Maui. Together they cross various hurdles and impossible odds to set things right for their people and bring back peace to the Island.

3. Brave

Set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, Brave tells an entertaining and humorous tale of Merida, an unruly daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. The story revolves around how Princess Merida tries to change her fate but ends up making a terrible mistake, bringing turmoil to the kingdom. But instead of giving up, Merida sets out to make things right with her courage and undo the curse before it’s too late. But the heart of the story is how she develops a strong and understanding bond with her family, especially her mother. 

4. Tangled

How to trust your instincts and be brave is what Tangled will teach your kids. It is one of the funniest Disney princess movies for kids. They will easily relate to Rapunzel, a naive young girl, who feels anxious, scared, and terrified upon discovering the world outside the tower for the first time. But with her courage and determination, Rapunzel overcomes her fear and wins everyone’s heart along the way. 

5. Frozen

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Frozen is one of the best Disney princess movies so far. It tells a tale of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, and their love for each other. Your kids will fall in love with this movie and of course, fun and frolic snowman, Olaf! The story shows how sisters fight against the bad guys and support each other through thick and thin to save the people of their kingdom.

These Disney princess movies are packed with a lot of action, adventure, magical beings, and fun characters along with a lot of song and dance. These movies will surely leave your kids mesmerized and teach them valuable lessons about life and courage. So, surprise your kids with these Disney princess movies on this weekend and watch them giggling throughout the movie. 

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