Family Accidentally Buys 2,304 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many families are preparing to quarantine or self-isolate themselves. And while we have all been advised not to panic, we have also been encouraged to have basic essentials on hand such as food, medicine and cleaning products. Oh, and of course…toilet paper. For some reason, this bathroom staple is becoming more and more difficult to find in stores as a result of folks stockpiling.


Meet the Janetzkis. The Australian family turned to the internet to order a supply of toilet paper and were in for a big surprise when the shipment arrived. When Haidee Janetzki ordered toilet paper for her family, she thought she had ordered 48 rolls. But when the delivery arrived, she quickly realized that she had ordered 48 boxes (2,304 rolls) of toilet paper instead. Oops.

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“Gobsmacked, confused and like a bit of an idiot,” Janetzki told Reuters, describing how she felt when she realized her blunder.

Haidee’s husband, Chris, shared a video to Facebook to illustrate the comical mistake. Janetzki comments that while other Australians were frantically scouring super market shelves for toilet paper, his family was “sitting pretty” on a mountain of it. He then pans the camera to show his wife sitting on top of a throne of toilet paper.

While this is a pretty funny story (and we could all use a good laugh right now) it does serve as a reminder that as coronavirus fears soar, it’s better to be pragmatic and prepared than panicked.

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