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Mother and Child Without Vaccination Cards Pressed By Police to Vacate Restaurant

At an Applebees within the Queens Centre Mall of New York, a mother and child were both pressed by police to vacate due to not having vaccination cards. According to the New York Post, several people were staging some kind of protest within the restaurant.

Officers of the New York Police Department’s Strategic Response Group responded to the scene. Later, a video was posted to Twitter of the officer’s confrontation with the mother and child.

Vaccination Cards Required at Restaurant

According to the Sunnyside Post, the mother and child were part of a group of protestors to sit down within the Applebees around 9pm. They were denied service due to their refusal to present vaccination cards. Restaurant staff then called the police.

“Upon arrival, officers were informed by the manager that individuals entered, refused to prove vaccination status in compliance with NYS Mandate and requested for the individuals to be removed from the location,” officials from the NYPD stated.

Within the video posted to Twitter, a group of officers can be seen approaching and surrounding a table with the mother and child. They approach calmly and an officer can be heard in the video saying, “Unless you have vaccination cards, you have to exit the restaurant.”

Unfortunately, the poor child, was scared to death by the slew of police officers approaching. He stands from the table and covers his face, visibly very upset. Other patrons of the restaurant scolded the officers for scaring the child.

One of the officers then turns to the entire group of protestors. He announces, “If you leave voluntarily, you will not have charges pressed against you. Otherwise, you will be arrested for trespass. This will be your only warning.”

Ultimately, four individuals ended up arrested. They were charged with criminal trespass, as promised. However, the mother and child were not among those charged.

Do you think that the vaccination card mandates are being appropriately addressed? Do you think that the NYPD handled this situation fairly? Let us know in the comments below.

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