Samaria Beckett is Still Missing, Mom Battles Cancer While Searching

Alana Hawthorne, a mother from Queens, New York, is still on the hunt for her missing 14-year-old daughter. Samaria Beckett went missing on Sunday, October 13th, 2021, reports PIX11. Hawthorne is currently battling breast cancer and Beckett’s father, Octavius, has relentlessly searched.

Both parents believe that Samaria may have met someone online using a popular basketball gaming app. Her aunt, Rhotondia Beckett-Wheaton, blames Covid for her niece’s online socializing. “With everybody being remote learning and online, she started meeting people online,” Beckett-Wheaton told PIX11.


The Search for Samaria Beckett

Hawthorne noted changes in her daughter’s behavior prior to her disappearance. She believes she may have engaged with the wrong kinds of people via Instagram and a gaming app. With multiple unconfirmed sightings of the teenager in New York, both parents believe she’s being held against her will. Sightings include Samaria with an unidentified man.

“There’s been a lot of sightings in Brooklyn with an older man that has her in a car or something,” Hawthorne explained.

Beckett’s father has been searching since October. So much so, that he’s slept in his car. “I’ve been raising my daughter since day one,” he said back in December. “I don’t need nobody else in the streets raising my daughter.” Beckett has even showed up at the FBI’s local headquarters and is redirected to the NYPD’s Missing Person squad. Progress with the case has been “frustrating.”

Someone Seems to Be Covering Their Tracks

Whoever is responsible has made multiple attempts to abduct Beckett, succeeding in two prior. However, in both cases, Beckett’s parents were able to track her down relatively quickly. This third disappearance has gone on much longer.

“As soon as I got on her Instagram, whoever it is, started erasing her numbers,” Hawthorne says.

“There were a lot of grown men, trying to meet up with her, talk to her.” Since making this discovery, someone has disabled her daughter’s Instagram account.

Octavius’ cousin, Basmah Allen, noted to PIX11, “Girls are very vulnerable… they don’t have people to look up to, they want someone they think cares for them.” Generally, there are ulterior motives at work.

Hawthorne is making it clear, though, while battling cancer, that she isn’t giving up. When asked about how the escalation of her illness is affecting the search, she says, “That’s not going to stop me. I’ll be out here.”

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