Covid-19 Pregnancy

Mom, Felicia Cabrera-Saez, Facing On-Going Recovery From Covid-19

A North Carolina mom, Felicia Cabrera-Saez, is grateful and emotional this holiday season. After battling Covid-19 throughout most of her pregnancy, she’s thankful to still be here, reports CBS17.

Back in September, Cabrera-Saez issued a plea — “If you can get the vaccine, get it.” Her violent experience with coronavirus serves as her motivation to issue such a plea.

A Dangerous Battle with Covid-19

A few months back, Cabrera-Saez and her family were filled with uncertainty. They had no idea if she would still be around for the holidays.

In March of 2021, at 19 weeks pregnant, Cabrera-Saez suddenly felt light-headed. Her heart was racing. She had no fever, but a horrendous cough. When she went to the hospital, she was told that she had contracted Covid-19. She was not vaccinated.

With her oxygen levels at 50 percent, Cabrera-Saez was transferred to the Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. “Once I got to Duke, I was in and out of consciousness,” she says.

Cabrera-Saez felt like she was on her “death bed.” For months, she was breathing with the help of tubes, and eventually, would have to relearn how to swallow and walk.

Just before Mother’s Day, Cabrera-Saez was released. She was eager to get home to her 8-year-old son, whose father had passed a few years earlier, and soon have her baby.

All Felicia Cabrera-Saez Can Do Is Cry

Even though Cabrera-Saez was able to return to her family, have her baby, and move on, the experience haunts her. Both mentally and physically.

“I have a scar here on my neck,” she says. “It’s a constant reminder of what I’ve been through.”

Mentally, she feels overwhelmed with emotion over being alive and well but still feels terrified. “It’s a lot of mental [toll] behind it, too, other than the physical,” she described. “I’m literally petrified to be around people. But I’m here. I must be here for a purpose.”

This lucky mom’s son was born happy and healthy, named Jayden Alexander Noel Williams. He’s doing very well and she is now fully vaccinated.

“I got to see Thanksgiving with my family. I got to celebrate a birthday. I got to spend Christmas with my family and my mom. I got to spend it with my mom,” she stated, overcome with emotion.

Has someone in your family been affected by Covid-19? Do you relate to Felicia Cabrera-Saez’ story? Let us know in the comments below.

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