Child Fever Checked for MIS-C
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Sixteen MIS-C Cases Cause Concern for Virginia Mom After a Child’s Death

In Richmond, Virginia, a child has died from a follow-up Covid-19 complication called MIS-C, or Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome. A local mom, whose children recently recovered from Covid, spoke to CBS 6 News about her renewed worries and how her youngest had the worst symptoms.

What Exactly is MIS-C

MIS-C, or Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome, manifests as a complication from having Covid-19, in both teens and children.

State health officials from Virginia cite that there have been a total of 111 cases across Virginia since the pandemic began. As of Sunday, there are currently sixteen active cases across multiple counties, and now, one death.

While the condition is rare, it is still a major cause for concern for kids. The Virginia Department of Health states that it usually appears four to six weeks following a Covid diagnosis. The median age that it manifests at is only nine-years-old, and the condition causes a child’s immune system to attack the organs of their body.

A Richmond Mom Thought Her Worries Were Over

According to CBS 6 News, this mom wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to share her concerns now that there’s been a fatality.

Recently, this woman, her husband, and both of her children contracted Covid-19. At first, she noticed that her 4-month-old daughter was ill. She had red eyes and symptoms that resembled allergies. Then, soon after, her 2-year-old son became ill.

The mom relayed to CBS 6 that her son had the worst symptoms of them all.

“He got a fever and started coughing,” she said. “He was shaking in pain.”

Thankfully, her family did fully recover and they were able to enjoy Thanksgiving together. But now, with this fatality in the news, she fears for her children.

“They can get really sick, really, really fast,” this mom added. “Now that I know it’s four to six weeks, I do have concerns.”

As the timeline progresses post-Covid, this mom will be keeping a close eye out for symptoms related to MIS-C.

“I get up throughout the night and still check to see if [my children are] breathing, so I definitely will be keeping a closer eye on them,” she says.

Symptoms of MIS-C to Look Out For

By far and away, the best protection advice offered by medical experts is to steer clear of contracting Covid-19, entirely. In the state of Virginia, children ages 5+ are eligible for vaccination, with pre-registration no longer required.

If your child has had Covid, hasn’t been vaccinated, or doesn’t meet the age to be vaccinated, parents should lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Blood-Shot Eyes;
  • Confusion;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Extreme Fatigue;
  • Fever;
  • Labored Breathing;
  • Pale, or Blue, Skin;
  • Skin Rash;
  • Stomach Pain;
  • Vomiting;

Should these kinds of symptoms manifest, regardless of if they’ve been previously diagnosed with Covid-19, or not, do not assume it’s the flu. Take them in for immediate care.

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