Daughter Gets Tattoo of Parents and Twitter Has Hilarious Responses

Tattoos are a deeply personal choice, which is why the variety ranges from the comical to the emotional and everything in between. But one Twitter user, @casualciara caused quite a hilarious stir when she posted an image of a tattoo her sister, Twitter user @Aoife got…of their parents.

In a post that has gone viral, @casualciara showed three images including one of two people embracing with the caption, “my sister got a tattoo of our parents…and I – “ but don’t worry, her unfinished thought was quickly followed in by more than 323 super funny comments from around the Internet.


The second image is the original photograph of her parents with the caption, “the cutest part is is that the pic is of my parents first trip to America in 1992 – the trip where they decided to move here from Ireland! The rest is history”

And the third – and possibly the funniest punchline to this sweet story ever – is a screenshot of an exchange between sister, @Aoife and their mom that reads, “if either of u guys has an affair ion wanna hear about it.” To which their mom replied, “lol.”

The comments, though, are where the best reactions are found. Some Twitter users posted images of similar tattoos of their parents and even drafts of tattoo plans inspired by images of their parents. Talk about cute!

In one especially funny interaction, a woman posted a picture of who we can assume are her parents on vacation, asking if anyone can help her turn it into a sweet tattoo. A very kind stranger followed up with “I got you” and posted a hilarious stick figure drawing.


Overall, Twitter turned out to be an incredibly supportive and funny community to share the big news of such a marvelous tattoo. After many comments, @casualciara posted this adorable image of her parents after 33 years of marriage.


The comments thread also appears to be the place to go if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo of your parents but don’t know how to draw one. Users are posting super cute images of their parents from the 1980s and asking for help. Others are taking the images and running them through image software to create line drawings in a similar, deconstructed style then posted them in response to the delight of everyone watching.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo of your parents, check out this heartwarming and incredibly funny Twitter thread of people who will definitely cheer you on.

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