Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For Moms to Pay Homage to Their Kids

Summer’s coming and it’s time to show a little skin. This time of year I always start daydreaming about what I’d want if I ever got past my fear of needles long enough to get a tattoo.

As a mom, child-related tattoos or anything that pays homage to the kids is probably the direction I’d want to go. But the traditional ones don’t really appeal to me. Luckily, the tattoos of today are infinitely cooler and less limited than what was trendy when I was younger and first flirting with the idea.

I always promised myself that I would have to want the same thing for one straight year before committing. And while I still haven’t settled on the perfect mom tattoo (yet), these rad mamas are providing plenty of inspiration for my Dream Tattoo board on Pinterest!

More Tattoo Ideas:














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