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Dad’s Hilarious Press Conference About a Day With Kids Is Spot On

Asking any parent who’s been home with the kids what they “did all day” is a great way to make them want to throw something at you. Mostly because trying to articulate every exhausting, draining task that you managed to accomplish is impossible. But also because sometimes, we honestly couldn’t tell you. Because we get derailed, overwhelmed, sidetracked, and distracted approximately every four minutes with demands for snacks, playing referee to fights and manning time-outs.

A dad in Los Angeles delivered a press conference about a day with his kids — and it’s totally spot on and completely hilarious.


In the TikTok video captioned, “Hate doing these but it’s part of the deal”, Evan Kyle Berger, one half of the Dumb Dad podcast and stay-at-home dad, channels an athlete after a game by sitting in front of a sponsor wall, equipped with a microphone and bottles of Tums and ibuprofen. The sponsors? Skippy peanut butter and kids clothing brand Cat & Jack. Of course.

@dumbdadpodHate doing these but it’s part of the deal.. #dumbdad #dadspressconference #sportcentertop10 #parentingmistakes #parentinghumor #coachdad♬ original sound – The Dumb Dads

“Could you sum up the day?” a “reporter” begins.

“I honestly just felt like we got behind early after the milk spill and the marker on the wall,” replies Berger, who is wearing a T-shirt covered in randomly placed rainbow stickers. “I felt like we were playing catchup for the rest of the day.”

And the pure comedy of the dad’s press conference continues.

“Before you went to the store, you called a time-out,” the reporter states. “Was there an attitude change after that?”

“Yeah, it felt like we were losing our heads there for a minute,” Berger quips.

What about that snack that he served 30 minutes before dinner?

“Lost track of time, just wasn’t thinking,” Berger explains, as he pulls a Lego out of his hair. “And so three bites of dinner, that’s on me.”

The laugh inducing video, which was posted on Tuesday evening, has garnered close to 2 million views, 185,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments.

“Why did I watch this 17 times??? I can’t stop laughing… and relating,” said one. “This is frighteningly accurate and so well done,” agreed another.

“Been there. Done that. Doing it again soon,” added one tired parent.

And many of us are probably so glad to see it’s not “just us” during this dad’s press conference that we’re laughing with relieve, too.

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