Best Ideas for Decorating With Easter Peeps
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Best Ideas for Decorating With Easter Peeps

You either love them or hate them, but Peeps are hard to miss in the grocery aisles this time of the year. They are super inexpensive, so you can buy them by the truckload and use them in various ways for Easter decorations.

These fluffy marshmallow confections have become a quintessential part of Easter, and it only makes sense to incorporate Peeps into your spring decor, too. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can decorate with Peeps.

1. Peeps s’mores

Chocolate-dipped Marshmallow Peeps at the Port Clinton Peanut Shop. Easter Candy at the Port Clinton Peanut Shop in Port Clinton, PA
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These are the way to go for those who prefer a cooked Peep. What an excellent idea to decorate with Peeps and have a colorful treat for your Easter celebration. It’s easy enough for your kids to try their hands at them.

2. Peeps pizza

A Rice Krispies crust and creamy frosting topped with these confections are the base for this sweet treat dream. Your kids will be enthralled to have this new variety of uber-sweet pizza. You can assemble the crust and the frosting and let the kids take care of the decoration.

4. Peeps shake

Beth Herron beverage manager at the Rosebud American Kitchen; Bar's marshmallow peep milkshake.
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Treat your little ones to a tasty shake topped with a chocolate-dipped Peep! They will love the little touch-up and your creativity.

3. Chick condo

Make a custom birdhouse for your sweet little Chick, or let the kids try their hand at it. It will keep them happy and busy for a long time. Peeps, crackers, and frosting are all you need to make this condo.

5. Peeps sunflower centerpiece

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What a festive centerpiece for an Easter celebration! Use the marshmallow treats to make this adorable decoration. Your guests will be in awe of your creativity. You can make the sunflower with one color or create a multicolored flower instead.

6. Bird’s nest cake

Is your kid’s birthday coming up around Easter? Then, surprise them with this Bird’s nest cake. Use the Peeps to decorate the homemade cake or transform a store-bought cake. Either way, the cake will look adorable for the occasion.

7. Peeps cake batter candy

Cupcakes topped off with Just Born Quality Confections' Peeps in a supermarket in New York
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Peeps and cake batter together? It’s a sweet Easter dream! Mix some of your kid’s favorite colors in the batter before baking. You can do the same with cupcakes, brownies, and more.

8. Peeps wreath

Want a unique wreath for the hallway or your front door? Easter peeps are here for the rescue! Use them to make a colorful wreath and hang it on the front door to make a statement. This is one of the best ways to decorate your door during Easter. You can also use Easter Chicks to make a small wreath for your kid’s door.

9. Peeps sushi

Rice Krispies Treats
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It’s a genius idea to decorate with Peeps. Use Rice Krispies to make mock sushi. This is another fun Easter project to keep the little ones occupied for hours. They can pick their favorite colors to make their sushi platter.

10. Peeps straws

Give your ordinary straw a fancy look. An easy addition to any Easter celebration, slide a Peep or Chick through a straw and call it a day!

So, which of these ideas will you use at your house for the occasion? Do let us know. And if you have any exciting ideas to decorate with Peeps, share them with us in the comment section below. New ideas are always welcome and can help fellow moms (especially those looking for easy festive decorations).

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