A multi-gen family walking through a field of daffodil flowers in Hexham, Northumberland. They are searching for eggs on an Easter egg hunt, they are holding their baskets to collect the eggs.
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Super Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids of All Ages

If you are a big fan of family traditions, especially around holidays, then we are sure an Easter egg hunt for kids must be on your list. No doubt the egg hunts are super fun, but how about mixing things up this year and making the egg hunting even more exciting for kids of all ages? After all, hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard is starting to get old and predictable.

Also, adding a twist to the Eater egg hunting will keep the kids excited and engaged. Here are some fun and fresh Easter egg hunt ideas that appeal to kids of all ages. From educational to crafty, the littles will love these clever Easter egg hunt ideas. With these, we can guarantee that your Easter tradition will never again be the same.

1. Everyday treats hunt

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Forget the candy! Instead, fill Easter eggs with prizes that the kids will enjoy, like real-life rewards. Create tags with sayings like, “Skip eating veggies for a day,” “Stay up 15 minutes later than bedtime,” and “Second serving of dessert.” Then, let the kiddos cash them in when they think the time is right.

2. Eggs-ercise fun

Instead of putting candy into your Easter eggs, include fun activities like bunny hops, ninja kicks, jumping jacks, or somersaults. This makes a great indoor and outdoor Easter egg hunt activity that even adults can participate in. Plus, you avoid the sugar rush, so this particular one is a win-win. However, do offer some candy on the side to the little ones, as they might have been looking forward to the holiday for the sweet treats and will be massively let down.

3. Glow in the dark egg hunt

Cracked egg glowing orange light from within
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Here’s a clever way to shine some light on your Easter egg hunt tradition. Instead of doing the hunt during the day, fill the eggs with glow sticks and host your hunt at night before your kid’s bedtime. Children will love searching for glowing eggs in the dark. We can guarantee it will make the Easter celebration all the more memorable.

4. ABC egg hunt

Fill the eggs with letters instead of sweet treats. After the kids collect all the eggs, have them open them up individually and use a worksheet list to check off the letters they have gathered. It’s a fun and sneaky way to get your toddler to practice their ABC’s.

5. Egg poppers

Easter decorative composition with painted eggs, flowering branches
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Take your Easter egg hunt to new heights – literally. Instead of looking down for the eggs, look up in a tree. Fill the eggs with candy, wrap them in pastel tissue paper, and hang them from branches. Kids can pull, pop, and gather treats as they go along. You can even add some with round balls or any soft object to misguide the kids and make it a bit harder. Set a timer to make it more fun to see who finds the most eggs in a minute.

6. Mix and match Easter egg hunt

This is another fun Easter activity for preschoolers. Mismatch the Easter eggs with different colored tops and bottoms. Then, create a key code (draw the right color combination of egg on a piece of paper) for them. The challenge is to find eggs that match the key codes. This game will surely keep your little one busy for quite some time.

7. Easter egg hunt signs

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Place encouraging words and signs with clues (and a few for wrong directions) around the yard for your Easter egg hunt. It adds an extra adorable element to the egg-hunting activity. You can do the same indoors for a night activity with kids.

8. LEGO Easter egg hunt

Kids love LEGOs, so use them to your advantage. Fill eggs with mini-LEGO figures and random LEGOs you find around the house. Once the hunt is over, challenge your kids to create something out of the pieces they have found.

9. Easter bunny trail

Easter flat lay with cute rabbit feed prints and dotted eggs on blue background
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This is perfect for younger kids. Make bunny paw prints using flour. Then, line your sidewalk with as many Easter eggs as you can. Also, ask your kids to hop to get to the eggs. We promise that by the end of the day, you will have little ones who are tired and ready for bed to wrap up your Easter.

10. Throw a surprise Easter egg hunt

Surprise your teens with an impromptu Easter egg hunt. Hide the eggs in and around the house and leave a note for them telling them you’ve set up a surprise hunt for the Easter celebration. It’s an excellent activity to get your teens away from their screens and on their feet.

So, which Easter egg hunt ideas will you use this year? Do let us know in the comment section below. And if you have any creative ideas you came up with over the years, share them with us to make the Easter egg hunt planning more fun.

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