Seamless pattern, backgrounds, textures of colored abstract galaxy Easter eggs.
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Easy DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs

Galaxy-inspired crafts are always trending, and you can incorporate the theme into your DIY projects depending on the time of the year. With Easter about a month away, extending the trend to your Easter eggs only makes sense. These out-of-the-world orbs look fantastic in any Easter basket (or centerpiece) and give your kids room for creativity with their paints.

One of the best parts about this DIY galaxy Easter egg project is that it uses fake eggs (found in craft or Easter supply stores), so you can keep them forever. Also, don’t worry too much about painting them perfectly. The more random they are, the better the “galaxies” will turn out. Ensure your kids wear aprons while working on the DIY project to avoid getting paint on their clothes.


  • Fake eggs (wood or plastic)
  • Matte black paint
  • Blue paint
  • Purple paint
  • Pink paint
  • Gold or silver paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cotton balls or sponge brush (use cotton balls on an entirely smooth surface; otherwise, it will stick)


  1. To make the DIY galaxy Easter eggs, color the fake eggs entirely black with one coat of paint.
  2. After the black paint dries, use the cotton balls or a sponge brush to dab pink, purple, and blue paint onto the eggs.
  3. Gently blend them to look like a galaxy, leaving some matte black peeking through the wash of color.
  4. After the paint dries, lay the eggs on a flat surface protected with newspapers or similar materials.
  5. Add water to the metallic paint, depending on how thin you want the consistency. The paint should be thin enough to splatter the egg’s surface easily.
  6. Dip a paintbrush in the metallic paint and gently tap it to splatter the paint onto the eggs. Let the paint dry, flip, and repeat.

Your DIY galaxy Easter egg is ready! You or your kid can use any color to make the Easter eggs. Just paint the egg black first for the galactic effect. These DIY galaxy Easter eggs are the perfect way to spend time with the family as you prepare for the Easter celebrations.

So, get the supplies, gather your family, put on some music, and start working on these DIY galaxy Easter eggs. And don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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