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Funky DIY Crafts With Pistachio Shells

Do you throw away the shells after eating the nut inside? Why throw them away when you can create fun DIY crafts with the pistachio shells? Let’s get creative because we have some fantastic projects that you and your kiddos will enjoy making together.

These quick DIYs are easy to make and are an engaging activity that will produce funky decor for your home. Even your little one can use their creativity to spruce up their room. DIY crafts with pistachio shells are also a great way to spend time with grandparents (because nobody has the warm patience of grandparents). So, save those pistachio shells and start working on these fun DIY projects.

1. Wall art

Your kids can make beautiful wall art pieces with pistachio shells. Be it a house, a tree, or any landscape, the kids can use the shells, color them in different hues, and stick them to the cut-out to make their wall art. You can draw an outline for them if they aren’t too sure about their drawing skills.

They can even create a wall hanging with the shells. It will be a unique addition to their art collection. Plus, it will leave their friends impressed with their creativity. It’s a win-win situation. You can even surprise your partner by making a heart with pistachio shells for Valentine’s Day.

2. Christmas ornaments

DIY crafts with pistachio shells
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If you plan to add a personal touch to your Christmas decor this year, start saving those pistachio shells now (since you have an entire year in your hands, you will have a substantial amount to work with this holiday season). You can make wreaths, mini Christmas trees, hanging ornaments, and more.

The best part is you can color the shells with a shade of your choice or per your holiday theme. And since you will save a lot of money on the decor thanks to your DIY crafts with pistachio shells, you can use the budget for gifts and food instead.

3. Peacock feathers

If your child has difficulty drawing peacock feathers or wants to elevate their drawings by making them 3D, then pistachio shells are the easiest and the best option. Arrange the shells in the peacock feather pattern, stick them to the sheet, color them, and their sketch is complete. You can also make birds or funny faces with the shells for your kid’s art project.

DIY crafts with pistachio shells
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4. Make succulents 

Pistachio shells make the best faux succulents. Due to the succulent’s petal shape and firmness, pistachio shells can easily mimic the plant’s shape and structure. You can make one succulent (housed in a cute little pot) or a succulent garden with faux plants in different sizes. Frame it, and hang it in the living room or dining area for everyone to appreciate your creative skills.

This is one of the best pocket-friendly DIY crafts with pistachio shells, and it will enhance any corner of your house or your kid’s room. You can even make lotus flowers with these shells (and paint them bright pink) to brighten up that dull corner of your kid’s room.

5. Shell jewelry

Is your mother’s or mother-in-law’s birthday coming up, and your little munchkins want to gift their grandma something handmade? Then, ask your kids to make some DIY jewelry with pistachio shells.

Children can make necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, or any other piece of jewelry that their beloved grandma loves to wear. Ensure your little ones are supervised when they work with scissors or wires to make the jewelry. Their grandma will love this special gift from her grandkids.

6. Candleholder

Child holds a DIY candle holder made of pistachio shells
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Turn those pistachio shells into candle holders with your creativity. You can leave the shells uncolored to give a rustic look (if that’s the decor theme of your house), or you can give an ombre effect or rainbow effect to make the candle holder stand out. We love the spa feel the bare pistachio shells have, but you can surely amp it up with the help of some paint.

7. Frames

Be it mirror frames or photo frames, you can make it all with these shells. This DIY craft with pistachio shells will save you a lot of money. Plus, you will have the opportunity to create something one-of-a-kind. Also, who doesn’t love to own something unique?

So, grab those pistachio shells, get your kids, take out your arts and crafts box, and start making these DIY crafts with pistachio shells right now. We promise you will have fun together since DIY projects are one of the best parent-child activities.

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