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Quick DIY Candy Jars for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without some sweet treats. They are a must-have to start and end the day of love on a sweet note. However, instead of gifting the candies in their regular packaging, why not amp it up this Valentine’s Day? This quick and easy DIY candy jar is the perfect way to gift some sweet treats to your partner and express your love!

The best part is that these candy jars are a versatile gift for Valentine’s Day that kids can give to their dad, mom, brother, sister, or grandparents. Moreover, your little ones can also give this DIY craft to their friends for their Valentine’s Day party at school.

The little project will come together in minutes, making it the best last-minute gift idea for everyone. So you don’t have to worry about staying up nights preparing these for your kiddo if they inform you at the last moment that they have an upcoming school party.

If you want to showcase your creative or artistic side, try experimenting with the jars. For instance, you can trace a heart on the jar and color the rest (leaving the inside of the heart blank), giving your partner a sneak peek of what’s inside. You can even draw hearts of various sizes on colorful craft paper and stick them on the jar.

If you want to elevate the DIY project further, glue the jar to a painted and decorated flower pot (the whole setup will resemble a gumball machine) and gift it to your loved one. There are plenty of ways to personalize this candy jar for your partner, like filling it with their favorite chocolate/candy and conversation hearts.


  • Clean glass jar with lids
  • Cupcake liners (in pink and red or with designs that are Valentine’s Day-themed)
  • Baker’s twine
  • Scissors
  • Candy (red jelly beans, red M&Ms, or any chocolate/candy of your partner’s choice)


  1. To start making this DIY candy jar, pour candies into a clean jar and screw the lid on.
  2. Place the cupcake liner on top of the lid (at the center).
  3. Secure it by wrapping the baker’s twine around it and tying a knot (make it a bow, if you will).
  4. Use scissors to trim excess twine, and your DIY candy jars are ready for gifting.

If your partner loves several different kinds of chocolates and candies, you can mix their favorite kinds in the jar. This way, they will have all their favorite sweet treats in one place and remember you whenever they reach out to grab a bite. Also, don’t limit yourself to candies. You can even gift homemade chocolates, chocolate barks, or cookies.

Here are a few things to remember while working on this DIY project for Valentine’s Day. Don’t leave glass jars near kids or somewhere they can easily reach, especially toddlers, to avoid mishaps (if the glass jar accidentally breaks, it can injure the kids. Also, work on the DIY candy jars when the kids are asleep or playing outside so they don’t accidentally knock out a jar.

While working with young ones on this DIY project, ensure their gloves are on to avoid any cuts from the glass or lids. Moreover, always lay a thick towel beneath the jar so the glass jar doesn’t slip. A clean towel will be an added plus because if the candies fall, you can put them back in the jar. Make sure your munchkins work on this craft with you around.

So, grab some chocolates and start working on this DIY because your loved ones will love these candy jars on Valentine’s Day.

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